Product Comparison Sheet

A product comparison sheet is a useful tool used by organizations, companies, and business owners to evaluate the specifications and valuable features of products before purchasing them. Technology has advanced in such a manner that it has provided mankind with multiple options for a single entity. Each option has its own unique properties and can be measured for different qualities. What quality should be preferred by others is the major choice of the buyer. It helps buyers in making informed decisions by keep all the facts in mind.

A product comparison sheet, also known as comparison chart, is a document that lists and compares the properties of products, i.e. specifications, model, manufacturer, price, etc. These sheets are designed to assist in the process of evaluating the above-mentioned properties and streamline the purchase. It is an effective way of visualizing all valuable information about various options for a product, which helps in decision-making.

All types of products can be considered for making a comparison sheet because it can be used by students and shop owners to visualize a clear-cut comparison between various options.

Make a good comparison…

Making a product comparison sheet does not follow any hard-and-fast rules because each company makes up their own criteria to include properties that they are looking for and cannot compromise on. A product comparison sheet can be made by following below-mentioned steps:

  1. For a given product, make sure that it has different available options that differ in various properties.
  2. Collect data for all these options. Data may include raw materials, quality of product, credibility of the manufacturer, unique features, and price. Data can be collected through sample models, websites, or the personal opinions of product users. A product can be a smartphone, printer, or any other entity that is required by organizations.
  3. If possible, include images of the product as well so that its appearance can be visualized. Images help a lot in making a decision while purchasing.
  4. Gather all this data and arrange it in the form of a chart or sheet, i.e., compare properties by making columns of each option available and mentioning their individual properties in each row.
  5. Evaluate each row separately and make sure that all your requirements are met for a single option. If you are divided between two options, choose the one that is closer to quality and specifications.

Take advantage of it…

Product comparison sheets are considered significant because of following reasons:

  • These sheets are highly organized and are better for visualizing before weighing up the available options.
  • A clear comparison before your eyes makes it easier to reach a conclusion.
  • All the properties of the available options can be considered in comparison, which helps in choosing the best option.
  • This document can be kept safe for future reference as well.
  • A product comparison sheet can be prepared for the cheapest and most expensive products alike because it compares their key features and sometimes provides a striking difference.
  • Preparing a comparison sheet is not difficult because it can be prepared easily online, in a book, or on a spreadsheet.
  • It does not require a template.
Product comparison sheet template

Sheet Template