Employee Vacation Tracker

A spreadsheet that records all the details related to an employee’s vacation leaves is called an employee vacation tracker. With the help of this tool, companies can keep a record of the vacations of employees and calculate their pay or remaining leave schedule accordingly.

Purposes of vacation tracker

Different companies allow a different number of vocations to the employees as per their own rules and laws. These leaves can be paid or unpaid, depending on the nature of vacations or the policy that a company follows. So, to track the number of leaves used and the remaining ones, it is important to have a document of record.

The document needs to be genuine and authentic so that it can be used for future work or calculations. So, no matter what nature of vacations the employees get, they must be recorded and tracked by the management.


The vacation tracker plays an important role as it serves as vital evidence of how much leave an employee has acquired in a given time. Apart from being a tracker, the period for which the vacations are applied is also added to this, which enables the superiors to know about the vacations beforehand.

This feature also helps the supervisor search for alternatives in time. The appropriate way of tracking the vacations of the employee is to have an employee vacation tracker template worksheet in hand. This not only saves the time of the management but also makes sure that no detail is missed from being recorded.


Templates for employee vacation trackers can differ from one company to another as each organization adds data based on its requirements. The basic, or simplest, one of the templates is made in columnar form.

The first column of this tracker should include the employee’s name or ID. The second column should mention the number of days that each employee is allowed to have vacations. The next column should have the vacations he has utilized to date. The last one should have a description or detail of the reason for the vacations applied.

Preview and Details of Template

Employee Vacation Tracker

File: Excel (.xls) 2003+ and iPad