Letter to Tenant Regarding Change of Ownership

A letter to the tenant regarding the change of ownership is a letter written by the current owner, an agent, or an organization through which the owner has rented out his property. It is addressed to the tenant of the property. In this letter, the addresser notifies the tenant about the change of ownership of the property, and how this modification will affect him as a tenant.

An owner might sell his property for any reason, but if he has rented it out to someone, he needs to formally inform the individual/family, that has tenanted his property. In addition, the new owners may mean changes for the tenant, which is why the tenant should be notified properly to avoid any misunderstandings. When there is a change in the ownership, there are different possibilities, such as:

  • The old contract may remain intact.
  • A notice period is provided to the tenant, after which, the current contract will be terminated.
  • The new owner is ready to roll the contract over after expiration, on the same terms.
  • The new owner is ready to roll the contract over after expiration, but on the different terms.
  • The new owner wants to reside in the house himself, or rent it out to someone else, other than the current tenant.

Whatever the circumstances, the tenant needs to be informed on time to make the required arrangements for himself. This information is, usually, provided by the old owner through a letter to the tenant regarding the change of ownership.

This letter is drafted based on the contractual terms as well as the amendments in the contract, that are associated with the ownership change. The general details included in such letters are the following:

  • Date.
  • Details of the tenant.
  • Details of the current owner.
  • Details of the old owner.
  • Inform about the change of ownership.
  • Effective date of the change.
  • Reason of the sale of property if the owner wants to provide.
  • Inform about any change in the current contract.
  • Possibilities of rolling over of the contract.
  • Shift of the responsibilities on the new owner.
  • Show a good owner-tenant relationship.

This letter is kept in the records by all the involved parties and can be used for legal or other purposes.

Sample Letter


Dear Ms. Emily,

This letter is being sent to you to inform you about the change of ownership of the house you are currently residing in. The effective date of this change is 1st August 20XX.

The new owner’s name is Mr. Josh Wilson, and his contact details are [X]. This change of ownership will not affect your current contract, which ends on 30th September, 20XX. The rental rate will remain the same till the contract end, and to avoid any legal issues, the old contract will remain intact. However, after 30th September 20XX, it is the new owner’s will, if he wants to roll the contract over or not. The new rental amount will be decided by yourself and him. In addition, from 1st August 20XX, I am not responsible for any maintenance or other issues. Kindly, contact Mr. Wilson, if there is any problem.

I had to sell this house for personal reasons. You have been a good tenant, and I hope this change of ownership will not affect your stay. Currently, Mr. Wilson is ready to roll the contract over. You can contact him and decide mutually about further arrangements.

Thank you.


Marsha Johnathan.

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