Change of Address Notification to Customer for Remittance

Some organizations such as banks change their address due to some very critical reasons since it is not easy to change address and then communicate it with everyone. Oftentimes, institutes prefer to change their address because they have to face some problems in their existing address such as disruption in technology, varying market conditions, and lack of improvement in the quality of their work due to the location. 

Whenever organizations choose to change their address, they write letters or notices to their customers to let them know about the change in address.

What is a change in address notification?

If an organization changes its address and doesn’t notify anyone about it, it will face lots of problems. Its customers will not be able to reach out to it and hence, it will have to say goodbye to its loyal and old customers. To avoid this situation, the change in address notification is written.

Some organizations like banks receive remittance payments from their customers on a regular basis. In such scenarios, it is even more important for that organization to communicate the news of an address change. 

This notification is prepared and sent to customers so that they don’t send the remittance payments to the old address. The bank knows that things will become complicated if the customer sends the money to an old address. So, to prevent this situation, the change in address for remittance notification is prepared. 

How to write the notification of a change in address?

One of the most common problems that businesses face after having their address changed is not being able to communicate in the right way. As a result, they end up explaining it so poorly that customers don’t understand it at all. Therefore, correctly writing the notification is extremely important.

Below are tips to follow:

Follow the correct format of notification:

Unlike letters, notifications are always written formally. They have a proper format to follow. You should also be aware of the format. If the format is not known, the template of the template can be followed. Once you find the template, download it and start adding your content to it. If you are creating your notification, outline its structure first and then proceed. 

Use the letterhead:

The notification drafted by a company is always prepared on its letterhead. It is a very common thing however if you forgot to use the letterhead, your notification will lose its professional look and value. 

Tell about the change in the address:

Formal notifications don’t have any formalities such as salutations or greetings. All you need to do is start your notification straight away with the statement that the company (mention the name of the company) has changed its address from (mention old address) to (mention new address). When you write the new address, bold it to make it more noticeable.

Prompt the reader:

Some readers take the notification lightly and they show carelessness while sending the payment. So, your notification should make him feel that it is important for him to note the address change as soon as possible. Mention it in the notification that the reader should take note of the change in the address and send the next payment to the new address to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Give a disclaimer:

Some people might think that a change in address means the company has completely changed and therefore, the payment terms and conditions might also have changed. If this is not the case, give a clear disclaimer in the notification that all payments and their repayment schedule will remain the same. In addition to it, also inform him that the terms and conditions of making the payment will also remain the same.

Mention the condition to ignore the notification:

The notification that you are about to send to all your customers might not be for all of them. If this is the case, you can ask people to ignore the notification if they don’t send remittance payments to a physical address and use online/electronic mode to transfer funds.

Sample Notification


Be informed, we want to notify our valuable customers about an important change we have made. Effective from 1st August, we are going to change our remittance address. Those who have availed of our facility of an automatic payment system need to ignore this notification.  

Henceforth, all remittance checks must be submitted to our updated address. It is also notified that we have started accepting payments through credit cards. To avoid inconvenience or delayed processing and posting of payment, you are advised to make sure that all remittances are being sent to our new and updated address which is as follows:

Stars Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
8456, Facing Park
TR 87656, Michigan, USA

It may also be noted that this change in our remittance address will have no effect on our credit terms. All terms and conditions regarding remittance will remain the same except the address.

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