Letter to Supplier that Order is Break Down

A letter to the supplier that order is breaking down is a letter which is written by a client and is addressed to a supplier with whom the client has placed an order. In this letter, the client requests the supplier to deliver his order in parts, instead of as a complete order.

A client may make this request of splitting up the order into similar or different components due to various reasons, such as:

  • The client has suddenly faced the issue of shortage in the resources for utilizing the complete order on time, and the ordered product has short expiry date.
  • The client does not have the capacity or space to receive the complete order.
  • The client has financial constraints to make the promised payments and wants to delay the order as well as the payment.
  • The client does not want to record the complete delivery as one transaction for auditing and tax purposes.

Irrespective of the reason, when the client wants the splitting up of the order, it makes a formal request through a letter, which is kept in the records for any future referencing as well.

The content and length of such letters may vary as per the requirements, circumstances as well as disclosure policy of the client regarding the reasoning behind the splitting up. However, generally, the following details are present in such letters:

  • Mention the date.
  • State the details of the supplier.
  • State the details of the client.
  • Give reference of the placed order.
  • Make a request of splitting up of the order into parts, with all the relevant details of the divided parts, the required delivery dates, and quantity, etc.
  • State the reason behind the request if the client wants to disclose.
  • Provide the payment schedule details.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Seek cooperation, and request for the acceptance of the request.
  • Apologize for any inconvenience to the supplier.

As a request is being made through this letter the tone of this letter should be passive and it should not give an impression to the supplier that the client is forcing him to make the change. The request should be polite. Usually, if the payment schedule does not get disturbed with the splitting up, the supplier accepts the bid.

Sample letter

Dear Ms. Maria,

I am writing this letter about our order [X] to your company ABC Limited made on 1st November 20XX. The copies of the contract and order are attached with this letter.

We have ordered 1000 units of [Y] raw material with an expected delivery of complete order on 30th November 20XX. However, now, we want to request you to split our order up into four equal parts. We have suddenly experienced a shortage of labor which has slowed down our production. If you will deliver all the raw material units on 30th November, much of it would get wasted, due to short expiry dates.

We want to request you to kindly deliver only 250 units on 30th November and then send the rest of the parts in equal intervals of ten days, i.e., 2nd part on 10th December 20XX, 3rd part on 20th December 20XX, and 4th part on 30th December 20XX.

This would help us in managing our resources well. As for your payment as promised before we will release the complete payment on 20th December 20XX.

We hope you understand our problems. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to your company.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Sarah Mathew.

Letter to supplier that order is break down

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