Attestation Letter for COVID Vaccine

COVID is a highly infectious virus that tends to spread from person to person very quickly. Oftentimes, people contract the virus easily and become active carriers of the disease without even knowing. So, the only way to prevent the spreading of this virus is to get vaccinated.

Countries across the world have taken many legislative measures to curtail the spread of this virus. One of the major steps is to devise police to allow only those people to travel or work in a particular company who have got vaccinated. This is where; individuals are required to submit their attestation letter. 

What is the attestation letter for the COVID vaccine?

It is a letter written by medical staff to attest that the subject of the letter has been administered the vaccine of COVID. This letter serves as proof that the vaccine has been administered. In some cases, the vaccinated person himself attests to having been jabbed. 

In general, a person who has been recently vaccinated cannot get the certificate or card as proof immediately. But if they need something as evidence immediately, they can ask the medical staff to issue the attestation letter to them.

Why it is important to have COVID vaccine attestation letter?

Those who want to work, and travel have to prove that they will not contribute to infecting people because they cannot be the career of the virus anymore. For this purpose, the attestation letter is the best thing to use. This letter tells that the candidate has been vaccinated. It also tells the number of doses that have been administered and the date of administration.

In this letter, a person gives testimony and therefore, becomes accountable before the law if he gives fallacious information. Therefore, an attestation letter should not include fake information or something a person is not sure about

Situations in which the letter of confirmation can be written:

Following are some instances of the situations where people were asked to submit a letter of attestation:

  • When an employee has to go to work and prove that he will not be the cause of compromising the safety of other people at the workplace.
  • When a person has to travel abroad and there are travel restrictions for those who have not been vaccinated.
  • When a person wants to get admitted to hospital treatment and has been asked to get jabbed before coming to the hospital.

How to write an attestation letter for the COVID vaccine?

The attestation of the COVID vaccine requires you to add the following elements in the letter:

Date of issuance of the letter:

The date of vaccine administration is important information that must be included in the letter. People who have got their vaccine recently face restrictions since the vaccine takes time to work. Therefore, the date of the vaccine and the issuance of the letter both are very important.

Name of the vaccine:

There are different versions and types of vaccines depending on the manufacturer. Some vaccines are deemed more effective than others. The person getting vaccinated also has to keep this fact in mind so that he does not have to get another vaccine. This is the reason; the medical staff mentions the name of the vaccine.

Details of doses:

Some vaccines work with one dose while for some vaccines; two or more doses are required. If the required dose has not been taken by the person, it means that he is partially vaccinated and therefore, cannot get the certificate or vaccine card. The letter tells clearly if the subject of the letter is partially vaccinated or fully vaccinated.


The most important part of the attestation letter is the signatures of the person attesting that the information provided in this letter is true. That person can then be held accountable for providing wrong information if the letter does not attest the true and accurate information.

Sample letter:


To whom it may concern

Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject: Letter of attestation

I, ___________ attest that Mr. ABC has received the COVID-19 vaccine (mention the name of the vaccine). The first dose of the vaccine was administered on (mention the date of the first dose) and the second was administered on (mention the date of the second dose). The certificate of the vaccine will be issued to the candidate on the 20th of this month.

Name of the authority: _______________


Attestation letter for COVID vaccine

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