Attestation Letter for Bank

What is a bank attestation letter?

The bank attestation letter is a document that a bank uses to attest a piece of information. There are many purposes of this letter. In simple words, whenever there is a legislative procedure that is to be carried out, you will need a verification letter from the bank. In simple words, when there is a need to conduct the verification of a document or information, attestation is required from the bank.

Why it is important to write the bank attestation letter?

Those who need any kind of verification from the bank often write an email or letter of request to the bank to issue the attestation letter. People who work in the bank often need to write an attestation letter to their customers at their request. This letter is considered very important because it verifies a piece of information that the customer might need. It also attests and verifies that the subject matter being discussed in the letter is true and that the bank is ready to give testimony of its integrity.

In some situations, this letter is proof of the credibility of a person. If a person has taken a loan from the bank and has returned it in a specified period, the bank verifies that the person is trustworthy and has a good credit history.

Situations in which the bank can write the attestation letter

The letter of verification is a crucial document and the bank issues it very carefully. Not every situation entails it for the bank to issue this letter. There are a few selected situations in which this letter can be issued. Let us discuss a few of them:

When the customer changes his personal information

The bank needs to ensure that the letter contains accurate information the bank needs to make sure that the information in the record of bank is up to date. If this is not the case, lots of complications may arise. So, when a person changes his name, name spelling, or signature, the bank will send him a letter of attestation with his updated information stating that this new information has been proven to be true.

When ownership of a car financed by the bank is to be changed  

A person is holding an account in the bank and he has paid the entire payment of the car loan, he can be issued the confirmation letter to attest that now he is the owner of the car.

When a person pays off a loan

Customers who have paid off their loan to the bank can ask the bank to issue the verification letter that will verify that the loan has been paid back and now the customer is not liable to pay.

When the customer requires a certificate or other legal documents

Several other institutes require you to get the attestation letter from the bank and submit it. For instance, if the person has purchased a car from the bank’s service of car financing and has paid the entire amount, he will not be able to register his car by his name unless the bank attests to the maturity of the car financing payment period.

In this particular situation, this letter also serves as a document that helps him handle his legal matters. In addition to it, the letter should be on the letterhead of the bank or on the stamp that will be proof that the letter is from official sources.

What information is required to be specified in the testimonial letter?

The information that must become part of this letter includes:

  1. The date on which the attestation is being done
  2. Sender’s information including name, address
  3. Bank’s name
  4. Details of the person in authority to attest
  5. Salutation
  6. A description of the subject matter
  7. Signatures of the sender of the letter

Sample Letter


To whom it may concern

Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject: Letter of attestation

You are being requested to record your latest signatures below so that we can use them for future reference.

Account number of the recipient: _____________________

Bank Account No.  _____________________

Name of the person attested the signatures: _________________________

Signatures:   _______________________

Name of the bank manager: ___________________

Signatures of bank manager: ______________________

Attestation letter for bank template

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