Letter of Partnership in Travel and Tourism

What is a letter of partnership in travel & tourism?

A letter of partnership in travel and tourism is a letter that is written by a travel agency or an organization offering travel and tourism services. It can be addressed to any organization or service provider, partnering with whom can prove to be beneficial for the agency and its customers. The addressers can include hotels, restaurants, resorts, bus or other transport services, other travel agencies, or investors, who want to become sleeping partners. In this letter, the details of the partnership offers are provided, and efforts are made to convince the potential partner for the acceptance of the proposal.

By partnering with a local travel agency, the snatching of customers can be avoided, and by partnering with an international travel agency, a greater number of potential customers can be approached. Sometimes, it is hard to serve the customers of another land well, as a travel agency may be unaware of their taste and preferences. In such scenarios, it is often advisable to partner with the local service providers to increase the profitability levels.

When an organization wants to expand and grow or want to share the resources of the other organization, the partnership is often a chosen solution. Through partnering, the parties involved can mutually benefit in various ways. In addition, rather than wasting efforts to attract each other’s customers, and compete, it is better to serve the customers together.

Offer letter:

To make a partnership offer a letter is written to the potential partner which is usually the first formal correspondence, regarding the partnership offer. The information in this letter can vary as per the circumstances and the proposal of the partnership. The strengths, brand name, customer base, expertise, and competitiveness of the travel agency also impact the content of this letter. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the travel agency offering the partnership, along with the experience and expertise.
  • Details of the partnership offer.
  • Benefits to the addressee as well as the mutual benefits.
  • Convincing statements to sign the deal.
  • Attached documents, if any.
  • Show hopefulness for the offer acceptance.

Upon receiving this letter, the potential partner analyses the pros and cons of the partnership. If the pros weigh more, he then, usually, accepts the offer by bringing no or few changes in the proposal. In the other case, if he refuses the partnership offer, the travel agency would seek to partner with other organizations.

Sample letter

Dear Ms. Maria,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my organization, ABC Limited, to propose a mutually beneficial partnership offer to your company XYZ Limited.

ABC Limited is a travel agency, that is operating in various markets for over twenty years. The current COVID-19 pandemic impacted our operations, and we closed many of our branches and restricted the facilities in our packages. However, as things are coming back to normal, we are re-opening our branches, and hence, seeking partners.

Attached with this letter is the complete profile of our company for you to review our customer base. As you are a renowned name in the hotel industry, we want to propose a partnership offer to you, through which we can avail the discounts for our customers in your hotels, and you can have a good stream of incoming customers on a regular basis. We are also attaching a detailed proposal of partnership with this letter.

We hope to get a positive response from your company soon. Thank you.

Looking forward.


David Smith.

Letter of partnership in travel and tourism

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