Debit Note for Labor Contractor

A debit note format for a labor contractor is a design of a debit note that has all the relevant information needed for the company, client, and legal purposes. The format can vary as per the company policies as well as the auditors’ instructions. Usually, a template is designed which is then customized and used whenever a debit note is to be issued.

This type of debit note is an official document that is sent by an organization that provides the laborers to work for other client organizations. It is sent to the client and is an indication of the amount that the client owes to the company. The debit note reminds the client about his debt obligations toward the organization, that is issuing the debit note.

Labor contracting is usually conducted on credit. When an organization provides the services of laborers, the client may make no or partial payment at the start. Once the service period gets completed, and the payment becomes due, the organization may send him a debit note. There are many purposes that a debit note can serve, such as:

  • It can be used in the place of a receipt, or along with a receipt.
  • It can be a reminder by the organization to the client about the latter’s debt obligations, and the related due payments.
  • It can also be sent in the case of a refund, or when a service has been cancelled.
  • It can be used, as evidence, for legal purposes.
  • It is a considerable document during the audits.
  • The total value of the debit notes indicates the amount of services, that has been provided on credit, which further helps in making various decisions with respect to managing the financials.

When this debit format is being designed by an accounting/finance department, it, mainly, considers the company as well as the legal requirements. The format needs to be acceptable to the auditors as well. However, the type of the business or provision of the service also impacts the format, design, and included information. Nevertheless, the following details are included in such debit notes issued by the labor contractors:

  • Date.
  • Reference number or contract reference.
  • Details of the labor contractor.
  • Details of the client.
  • Description of the laborers provided, including their individual details.
  • Number of laborers.
  • Type of laborers.
  • Charges per laborer.
  • Total charges for the services.
  • Bank or other additional charges.
  • Any prepayments or paid amounts.
  • Discounts, if any.
  • Total amount due.
  • Any remarks, disclaimer, or notes.
  • Stamp.
  • Signature of the authorized person.

When a client receives this debit note, it would become aware, that the payment time has arrived, and the formal intimation has been issued by the labor provider. The client would know that a timely payment needs to be made, otherwise, the provider may take legal action against him, which would cost him a lot of money.

Sample Debit Note

This debit note is written with reference to the labor requested from your company. The batch number allocated for this deal was x. our company is extending its wing and for this purpose, a new building is required. We requested labor to help us make a new building.

The manpower was requested on 5th April 20xx and the number of men was 30 for the construction purpose. We want to make a slight change to the number now. The deadline to complete the construction was 30th August 20xx but now it is changed to 20th July.

To meet this deadline we want to increase the manpower from 30 to 60. We believe that with this double manpower we will be able to complete the construction within the given time frame.

Moreover, the rate we discussed for the 30 people will also be changed. As per the policy of your company if more than 50 men will be hired then the charge will be X$ per man. I request you to please make these changes and send me the revised invoice along with the increased labor. Looking forward to your response. Thanking you in advance.  

Debit note for labor contractor

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