Letter to Remove Patient from Practice

Sometimes the physician is required to make a decision to fire a patient from his practice. The reason for this is obviously unpleasant. There are many reasons for removing the patient from practice. It should be noted that you should take serious steps before you start writing this letter so that you can keep yourself safe from the accusations of a patient.

Letter to remove a patient from the practice should include the reason for removing. This letters openly explains that the relationship between the patient and the physician is going to be terminated by the physician. The common reasons for removing the patients from the doctor’s side are:

  1. Violent behavior of the patient to doctor
  2. The patient might be in the need to find a better physician
  3. The physician wants to move on
  4. The doctor wants to leave the insurance network

While this letter, the physician should ensure that his act of removing the patient from practice is legal. While giving the reason for removing, the physician should make it sure that he has a legitimate and solid reason to do so.

The letter should give notice to the patient so that the patient gets sufficient time to find another physician. If this does not happen, the patient may file the case on the doctor for the patient abandonment.

Before you decide to remove the patient from the practice and write the letter, you should verbally warn the patient about it. The decision of removing the patient should not be sudden for the patient if you want your relationship with the patient to end on a good note.

You should tell the patient that there will be a very negative impact on the physical or mental condition of the patient if you continue with him/her. If you think it is not reasonable to practice with the patient, you should describe it clearly so that the patient can understand it well.

If you have recorded the unacceptable behavior of the patient that became the reason for his removal from practice, you should attach it with the letter to justify your reason.

Sample Letters

Letter to Remove Patient from PracticeThis letter is written to you to notify you that effective [DATE] I will no longer be your doctor. I am sorry to put an end to our patient-doctor relationship. The reason behind taking this step is your nonstop cut up with my nursing personnel who usually attend you before you are directed to see me.

This was such a shock to me when I received many complaints about your troublesomeness with them but when I took the matter into my hands & observed your attitude personally; I was left with no other option than this.

I am giving you a period of 30 days to find a doctor for you and for this month I will be providing you with the needed medical care as per our routine.

I will also send you the copies of all your medical record till the date so that it may not hurdle for your new physician to maintain your healthcare routine.