Letter to Insurance Company Requesting Coverage

Insurance coverage means covering the amount of risk and liabilities with the help of insurance services. The purpose of insurance coverage is to protect the individual’s future. In case of any financial loss or sudden problem, the person having the insurance coverage will be paid by the insurance company. Thus, it helps him recover from the financial instability. 

The insured person is required to pay the premium for a specific amount of time to get the full or partial coverage depending on how much premium he has paid.

What is a letter requesting insurance coverage?

It is a letter that a person writes to the insurance company to request coverage. The purpose of this letter is to get the coverage and details that help a person meet this purpose are required to be added to this request letter.

When to write this letter?

This letter can be written in different situations. If someone has decided to buy the insurance plan, he will have to write this request letter to the insurance company. 

In some situations, companies provide insurance coverage to their employees by deducting a fraction of the amount from their salary. When a new person joins the company, the employer can write to the insurance company requesting on the behalf of the newly hired employee to provide the insurance coverage. 

If the employee has been transferred from one branch of the company to another, there is still a need to request coverage. 

Tips for writing an insurance coverage letter:

While writing to the insurance company, one needs to remember the following details:

Use appropriate tone to make a request:

The insurance coverage request letter should formally ask the insurance company to provide the coverage. The request should be made in a simple and humble tone. 

Use appropriate language:

The language of the letter should be simple and pertinent. The representative of the insurance company should be able to understand the letter and your purpose of writing this letter.  Make sure that the language that you use to write this letter is free from any kind of ambiguity. Additionally, it should not create any confusion for the insurance company.

Provide information of the candidate

When the insurance company comes to know that an individual needs the insurance coverage, it will try to gather information about that person. Therefore, you should provide the information of the candidate so that the process of insurance coverage can be started without any delay.

Attach the request form if available  

In some cases, the insurance company provides a form that gathers information about the candidate applying for coverage. Some companies fill this form and then attach it with the letter so that it can be more emphasized on the request.

Cross-check the information:

Insurance coverage is a long process. Therefore, you cannot go with it by providing wrong or incomplete information. To save the time of and the insurance company, provide all the required details and cross-check.  

Letter template:

The template of the request letter written to the insurance company is largely used by those people who do not know the format of the letter. Additionally, the template is also intended to save the time of the user. With the help of a template, people are not required to learn to write this letter to the insurance company. Rather, they can use a readymade letter and save themselves from the hassle.

Sample request letter for coverage:


Name of the recipient
Address of recipient

Name of sender
Address of sender

Subject: Request for insurance coverage

Respected (mention the name of the recipient),

I am writing this letter to formally request you for the insurance coverage of my employee Mr. Johnson who has just shifted from the other branch to the main branch. 

The enrolment form of Mr. Johnson is being attached with this letter. We would like to request you to provide coverage of insurance to this employee. 

Thank you so much for considering my request. you can contact me on my personal is for further information. 


Signatures of the sender.


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Letter to Insurance Company Requesting Coverage
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