Permission Letter for Recreational Trip

Recreational trip:

A recreational trip means going out for traveling for recreation or pleasure purposes. The purpose behind organizing this trip is to get away with the tiring routine of work. Usually, educational institutes organize such trips for students.

It is believed that the mind works more efficiently when the body gets the opportunity to enjoy pleasure. Educational institutes organize such events just to make students enjoy some time with their friends. This enables the students to take a break from their tiring studies.

What is the permission letter for a recreational trip?

Usually, kids whose age is less than 18 years are required to take permission from their parents or guardians to go on the trip. Their school asks them to bring the permission letter written by their parents and submit it to the school if they want to go on the trip. Another scenario in which this letter is written is when an employer permits his employees to go on a recreational trip.

In general, the school writes the permission letter to parents of the student seeking their permission to take their child on a trip for recreation purposes.

Importance of writing the permission letter for the recreational trip:

A permission letter written by the school’s management serves as tangible proof that the school has sought permission from parents or guardians of the students before they could take their child on a trip. The school’s management keeps this letter with them as proof which can be used in case of any bad event.

The purpose of writing this permission letter is to confirm that parents of the child have no objection if their child goes on a trip for recreational activities. Through this letter, the school’s management also confirms that the child has no medical complications.

Tips for writing a permission letter for the recreational trip:

  1. While writing this type of permission letter, you should provide details regarding the trip the school has organized. You should also mention that what kind of trip it is and what benefits it will offer to their child.
  2. If you find it convenient, you can share the names of the places where you are going to take the trip.
  3. Tell the parents of the child that you are writing this letter because you need their permission before you take any step.
  4. To save time, you can ask the recipient to respond to you within a particular timeframe so that everything can happen on time.
  5. For your peace of mind, you can ask the recipient to come up with the medical reports of the child if he is going through any complications.

Sample letter:


Name of the parent:

Address of parent:

Subject:  Permission letter for a recreational trip

Dear Mr/Mrs. ABC,

This letter is being written to inform you that XYZ School has organized a recreational trip for students of grades 5, 6, and 7. Since your child also studies in our school in grade 6 section B, we are hereby writing to you to ask you if we can take your child on the trip or not.

We will make all the students visit some architectural parts of the city which are also included in their coursework. In this way, this trip will also serve as an educational trip.

After organizing the entire trip, I am sending you this permission letter so that I can bring the entire trip to your attention. I assure you that your child is going to have a very proactive experience on this trip. Moreover, it will allow him to enjoy recreational activities at the field trip.

We have discussed with the director of the museum and he has offered us a discount of 20% on the purchase of museum tickets if we purchase them within the next 10 days. The deadline to submit your permission is 22nd March 20XX.

If you have any queries regarding this recreational trip, you can contact us anytime.  Moreover, we would like to request you to share your child’s medical reports in case he has any medical complications with him.


Yours sincerely,

School’s representative

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