Letter of Suspension from Church

In churches, different people are employed to do different kinds of work. Just like other organizations, people working in the church in different positions are required to perform their duties. There are certain policies and codes of conduct that the staff of the church is required to follow. If someone does not follow those policies, the church takes disciplinary actions against him. In the worst cases, the church decides to terminate the employee.

What is a letter of suspension?

When it is decided that someone needs to be suspended from the church, the letter of suspension should be written to that person. Through this letter, the person being suspended is informed about the fact that he is no longer part of the church staff and that the church has decided to terminate him.

Letter of suspension and letter of termination are the same as they are written to inform the recipient about the termination of his job. However, the suspension letter also informs the recipient that he will be given full pay before the suspension.

Importance of writing suspension letter from church:

A church has a right to take disciplinary actions against those who don’t show compliance with the policies and regulations of the church. Many people visit the church and they want it to be a peaceful place where they can offer their prayer in tranquillity. Sometimes, it becomes difficult because the staff of the church does not perform its duties well. People who are not serious about their job should be written a letter of suspension. When they receive a suspension letter, they come to know what mistake they committed. This enables them to not do the same mistake again.

It is important to note that the suspension letter is not always written when the recipient has made a mistake. Sometimes, in church, you suspend someone because of health reasons.

Tips for writing a letter of suspension:

The suspension letter from the church needs to be written oftentimes by those people who have never written this before. They make mistakes and therefore, their letter does not convey the right information to the recipient in an efficient way.

Here are some tips that can be considered for a well-written letter:

  1. The suspension letter should clearly explain that the person who is being written this letter is being suspended.
  2. The purpose of the letter should be to inform the recipient about the suspension. Therefore, you should use very simple language that is very easy to understand. Natural language is ambiguous. However, a correct choice of words can remove this ambiguity.
  3. The letter should tell the employee that why he is being suspended from the church. The reason should be written in a very precise way.
  4. Make sure that you don’t forget to mention the date from which the suspension of the employee will be active  
  5. The suspension of the employee from the church can be sometimes temporary. Therefore, you should specify in the letter if the suspension is temporary and, in that case, the period of suspension is also important to mention.

Sample letter:


Name of the employee


Subject: letter of suspension from church

Dear ABC,

According to the rules and regulations of the church, it is being confirmed that from the 15th of this month, you are suspended from church with full pay. After performing your suspension, we will be able to carry out thorough research.

This investigation will not be carried out to see who is guilty and it will also not be carried out to do any prejudgement.

After you have been suspended, it is instructed you do not contact anyone in the church. If you require any kind of advice, you can contact our prosecutor. In case you have any queries, you can contact us. Failure to follow these instructions is itself disciplinary misconduct.

We will contact you to tell you the result of the investigation. In case we need to make you visit us for a disciplinary hearing, we will contact you.

It is requested you to be available during the suspension so that we can get you easily whenever it is needed.


Name of the employer


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