Letter to Contractor for Non-compliance of Statutory Documents

A statutory document contains all the rules and policies a company has implemented. Anyone who needs to work in that company is asked to read the statutory document and then follow it afterward. Anyone who does not follow this document is considered to have shown noncompliance.

The statutory document contains the following details:

  1. Details about the wages
  2. Tax deduction details
  3. Information about bonus on payment
  4. Increment in wages information
  5. Rights of people working in the organization

There are many more details added to this document depending on the company.  

What is a letter to the contractor for non-compliance with the statutory document?

If you find out that the contractor is not following what is written in the statutory document, you can write him this letter. However, an important point is that you can write this letter only when you made him read the statutory document at the time of signing the agreement with him. In case you have not introduced statutory documents to him, you cannot ask him as to why he does not show compliance.

What is the purpose of this letter?

It is considered to be extremely important to show compliance with the statutory document. The purpose of writing this letter is to let the contractor know that it is essential for him to follow the statutory document. Additionally, if the contractor is not paying wages according to what has been specified in the statutory document, he is going against human rights. You should speak up for others’ rights. In simple words, the basic purpose of this letter is to ask the contractor to follow the statutory document well.

How to write the letter for noncompliance?

1. Provide the details of the noncompliance areas:

You should provide the details to the contractor as to where he has shown the noncompliance. Although the contractor knows that already, this will confirm that you and the contractor are on the same page.

There is no need to ask as to why he did not comply as it will make your letter unnecessarily long.

2. Follow the right format:

A letter written to the contractor is a formal letter that has a specific format to follow. You should know how to format the letter before you start writing it. You can get help from the ready-made letter to know what is the exact format to be followed.

3. Ask the contractor to resolve the noncompliance:

Since the objective behind writing to the contractor is to ensure that non-compliance has been stopped, you should ask the contractor to stop the noncompliance or resolve it as soon as possible. You can also mention the date by which everything needs to be in good shape.

4. Mention consequences:

You should tell the contractor that he must show compliance. In case he doesn’t, you have a right to terminate the contract with him. You should tell the contractor that not following the statutory document is like breaching the contract he has signed with you. So, you will take those actions that you are supposed to take in case of a breach.

5. Keep the letter short:

It is required that you remain focused while writing this letter. With this, you will be able to write a letter which is short and to the point.

6. Proofread it:

Your letter needs to be written perfectly. For this, proofread it well. There should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the letter.  

Below is a sample letter for you to help you get started:

Sample letter:


Name of the contractor:

Contract No:


Subject: letter for non-compliance of statutory documents  

Noncompliance by the contractor has been seen under the following conditions:

Mention the name of the contractor in noncompliance:
Area of noncompliance:
Timeframe of noncompliance:

The contractor is required to resolve the issue of noncompliance before the 10th of March 20XX. Additionally, he is also requested to report me by sending an email or writing a letter to me. Failure to showing compliance may result at the end of the contract. Please contact me if you have any queries.

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