Letter to Bank for Unauthorized Transaction

When you have an account in a bank, you should check your transaction carefully. When there is an unauthorized transaction from your account, you can easily spot that. This means that someone has used an illegal way to take the money from your account for example, by stealing your debit card or by any other way.

Whatever the reason behind the unauthorized transaction is, you should try to make sure that you immediately contact the bank about it.

What is a letter to a bank for an unauthorized transaction?

When you have seen that someone has debited the money in your account, you should immediately report to the bank by writing the letter. This letter is a kind of a complaint letter which is written to recover the money.

What is the purpose of writing this letter?

It is always suggested that this letter must be written whenever someone has perpetrated a fraud. The purpose of this letter is to draw the attention of the bank towards this matter because it shows some negligence and poor-quality service on the side of the bank. So, when the bank comes to know about it, it will take some steps to save its reputation.

Additionally, the customer also wants to recover the money which can be done with the help of the bank. The bank can also take steps to find the guilty person by different means such as a security camera installed in the ATM and by some other means. In case the person has lost the debit card without realizing it, the bank can immediately block the card to stop further illegal transactions.

All the above-mentioned steps can be taken by the bank only when it receives the complaint letter from the customer.

Tips for writing the complaint letter to the bank:

  1. Although it really enrages us when we see that someone has stolen our hard-earned money from our bank account where we thought our money would be safe, we cannot express our anger while writing to the bank. It is a kind of letter written in a professional environment. Therefore, you should make sure that you explain your anger instead of expressing it.
  2. Ask the bank in clear words to help you restore the lost money. This will also let the bank know that why you have written this letter.
  3. Keep the letter to the point.
  4. Don’t forget to provide the details regarding the transaction you are referring to. The details should include the money debited from your account, date of transaction, mode of transaction, etc.

Sample letter:

Address of the sender:

Address of the recipient


Dear Madam/Sir,

I have a current account in your bank for the past 10 years. I am writing this letter to bring this to your notice that an amount of (mention the amount) has been debited from my account on 1st March 20XX. This transaction was not carried out by me although only I am allowed to conduct this transaction. 

I came to know about this authorized transaction when I got a bank statement from the bank for a loan purpose. I was so shocked to see this. Below are my contact details:

Account name:
Account number:

I am attaching a copy of my account statement with this letter that shows that unauthorized transaction. 

I am writing this letter to you so that you take necessary actions and help me recover the money indebted from my account in a stealthy way. 

Yours sincerely,

Name of the sender


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Letter to Bank for Unauthorized Transaction
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