Letter Stating Person No Longer Employed

Many times, a company receives a parcel or a letter that has been sent to an employee who does not work in that company anymore. In various cases, the company receives an inquiry email from a customer asking about an employee. In this situation, the company writes back to the customer telling him that the person he has inquired for no longer works in that company. In case a company has received a letter, will I have to return it? For this purpose, a letter stating the employee no longer works for the company is required to be written. 

What is the purpose of writing this letter?

Writing a letter about an ex-employee letting the recipient know that the employee has gone is essential in some or almost every situation. It is the responsibility of the company to inform the recipient that the person he is looking for has gone so that he doesn’t send any email or letter again to that person at the address of the company. This will eventually save the time and energy of both parties. 

How to write? 

To write this letter effectively, you can follow the tips given below:

Know the basic purpose of writing the letter:

Sometimes the employer wants to write this letter because he wants to announce that the particular person has left the company. In some cases, the employer or hiring manager writes this letter to different customers and clients to make them aware that the employee who was dealing with them previously will no longer be representing the company. 

The company should know that some customers might place an order for that employee again. So, it should try to prevent the situation and write a letter and let people know that the employee is not authorized to take orders anymore. 

So, when you know why you are writing this letter, you can draft it the way it ought to be. In simple words, you will stay focused when you have a purpose in your mind. 

Know your audience:

Some people write this letter in a correct format and add all the appropriate details however, they forget to set the right tone of the letter and this is where they make a mistake. The tone of the letter needs to be by the recipient of the letter. You should know who you are writing to and who will be reading your letter. It will also help you know the details to be provided in the letter.

For example, a letter stating a person is no longer an employee written to the customer of that employee will be different from the one written to the colleague. You will not have to explain things again and again if you write a flawless letter on your first attempt.

Give information about the employee:

You are often asked where the employee has gone or whom one should contact to access him. In that situation, you can provide the details of the ex-employee. However, if you have signed a non-disclosure agreement with your former employee and you cannot reveal his details, you should excuse providing details.

Additionally, there is no need to tell why the employee has left the company as it is again, useless and something between the company and the ex-employee.

Sample letters:


This is to confirm that XYZ is no longer employed with ABC Company effective from Friday, 20th December, 20XX.

XYZ was employed under a fixed-term contract that concluded on the aforementioned date. We appreciate his contributions and services during his tenure with us.  

Please feel free to contact our HR department if you require any additional information or verification.


This letter is to verify that Jane Doe has resigned from her post as (job title) at XYZ Company. Her last working day was 30th January, 20XX. She is, therefore, no longer employed with XYZ.

It has been a pleasure having her as a part of our team. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors.


This is an official verification that XYZ is no longer employed with (company name). His job as the (job title) has been terminated with effect from 16th March 20XX due to a conflict of interests.

XYZ must forfeit all company benefits, including the company car and apartment with immediate effect. Additionally, access to company-provided medical insurance and other benefits is no longer applicable. All company assets must be returned by the end of the month.

Please contact the HR Department for further verification.


I am writing to officially confirm that your retirement from (Company Name) has been successfully processed and you will no longer be employed with us with effect from 1st February 20XX.

We confirm that you have fulfilled all clearance procedures, including the return of company assets. As part of your post-retirement benefits, you will soon receive details about your pension plan, provident fund, and any other entitled benefits separately. Please allow us a few weeks to finalize the calculations and ensure the accurate disbursement of your benefits.

Your dedication and professionalism during your tenure with us have been greatly appreciated. Thank you for your years of service. We wish you a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.


This is to confirm that John Doe is no longer a part of our team. Mr. Doe quit his job as the Project Manager at ABC Company on the 6th of November, 20XX. Due to his resignation, he is no longer employed at ABC.

Please contact us for further verification and details.



Reference no:

Name of the employee

Dear ABC,

Concerning your letter having reference number 23525 that was sent by you on 1st March, in which you asked us about Mr. Robert.

We are writing you to let you know Mr. Robert no longer works for our company. He has served our company for more than 4 years. As per the record of the company, 10 Jan 20XX was the last day of service of Mr. Robert.

Furthermore, we currently hold no information as to who the current employer Mr. Robert is or where he is working right now. Unfortunately, we cannot share his contact details with you as we are not allowed to do that.



Name of the sender


Letter Stating Person No Longer Employed

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Letter Stating Person No Longer Employed
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