Letter Requesting Confirmation of Authorization to Take Action

A request letter of confirmation of an authorization to take action is written by a person who has been authorized to do a task or a job. This letter is addressed to the person who has extended the authority and is written for many reasons such as:

  • To confirm the authority extended.
  • To clarify the details of the given authorization to avoid misunderstandings.
  • To provide a proof to a third party, that would be involved in the task or action, so to show that the person taking action has been authorized by the person who has the actual authority.

A person having authority, such as a boss or a manager, sometimes sublets his power to another person to share the work-load. For instance, if a manager considers the supervisor working under him reliant to procure materials, he might authorize the supervisor to do the task so that the manager can focus on the other important activities.

Generally, when this letter is written, the following format is followed:

  • Date
  • Details of the authorized person.
  • Details of the person who has given the authority.
  • Date and details of the given authority.
  • Ask for the confirmation of the extended authority.
  • Request for signing the original letter or provide a separate letter that can serve as an evidence to the third party.

This letter or the letter provided as a response to this letter can show the competence of the person who has been given the authority as well as the confidence that has been entrusted in him. In addition, the letter confirms the extended authority. Therefore, this letter is important as an evidence to be kept in the records.

Sample -1

Following our last meeting, I am very pleased by your decision of authorizing me for the purchase of office materials. I have started working on it and in the process have shortlisted stores from where we may be able to acquire the material at the best available prices. To ease my working more I require a document confirming my authorization for making purchases in the name of our company so that vendors recognize me as your agent.

I hope that I will receive one such document very soon. Thank you for your co-operation.

Letter requesting confirmation of authorization to take action


Sample -2

I have started working on the construction plan of a parking lot in the company’s premises as per your instructions. A recent change in the law requires an official document directing me to contact builders for the construction. This very document will help me prove that I am contacting probable individuals in the position of the company’s agent.

I will be very thankful to you if you draft a document authorizing me to carry on the process duly signed by both of us. To avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to make it clear that I will be requiring the original document with you keeping a photocopy of the same.

Letter requesting confirmation of authorization to take action


Sample -3

I am very thankful to you for considering my recommendation for purchasing materials from YTR. Not only you have considered my recommendation but have also verbally authorized me for making purchases in the name of our company.

To start with, I will be requiring a written document of authorization by the company apart from verbal so that no one doubts my integrity and we maintain good relations with each other. It will be great if I get the requested document at your earliest.

Letter requesting confirmation of authorization to take action