Letter of Noncompliance with Court Order

The order of the court is generally given by the judge and it has a lot of significance in the world. After the court hearing and completion of the court order, the judge asks one of the lawyers of both parties to bring the order into writing. This written order is known as a court order draft. 

The basic objective of the court order is to make people read the order of the court thoroughly so that anyone who misses the court hearing gets to know about the order completely. People who are expected to follow the order of the court are generally sent the draft of the court order which is also stamped by the court for validation and authentication. Once it is stamped, it is sent out to relevant people. People who don’t follow the court order either do it deliberately or do it intentionally because they missed receiving the draft of the court order. 

What is a non-compliance letter with a court order draft?

It is a letter that is written to someone who has been seen showing non-compliance with the order of the court. Non-compliance with the order from the judge in the court is a serious offense and it can lead to many serious legal complications for the person. Therefore, when someone is seen breaching the order, they are warned by writing this letter. 

Who sends the letter of non-compliance?

In general, the court sends this letter to one of the defendants who don’t follow the court order draft. However, in some cases, one party can also write this letter to another rival party just to remind them to not show non-compliance.

When to write the non-compliance letter?

When someone has already been directed by the court through its verdict to follow the rule of equal rights for everyone in an educational institution and then they have been seen violating this glaringly, the court can write them the non-compliance letter. 

When there is a dispute between two parties on any matter and one party is required to act in a certain way and does not take the court’s order seriously, the court writes to that party and reminds it of respecting the jurisdiction of the court. 

How to write?

If you have to write this non-compliance letter on behalf of the court and you don’t know how to draft a professional and accurately communicated letter, you can follow the tips given below:

Choose the format to follow:

This letter can be written in a slightly different format as compared to other letters as it reflects the communication between the defendant and the court. Apart from the format, gather enough information about the technical terms to be used in such letters.

Address the defendant:

At the top of the letter, the defendant is addressed by name and designation in the company.

Add the subject:

Add the subject that will let the reader know upfront about the content of the letter.

Mention the purpose of the letter:

Sometimes, the reader fails to understand why he has been written the non-compliance letter. Therefore, it is important to tell the reason for writing the letter in the beginning. While stating the reason, refer to the court order draft that was issued by the court and also mention the date on which the recipient or his lawyer received it.

Explain the non-compliance:

The recipient should be told as to what non-compliance of the order of the court he is showing. While writing this part of the letter, you can again refer to a specific part of the court order draft where the court clearly instructs the defendant to act in a certain way.  After that, explain how the recipient has shown non-compliance.

Mention consequences:

Any person who does not follow the rules and orders of the court has to face the consequences of his action. You must explain consequences to the recipient that are also mentioned in the court order draft on showing non-compliance.

Close the letter:

At the end of the letter, you can ask the recipient once again to show compliance with the order of the judge. For instance, if you want them to clear the payment, you can professional ask them to pay as per court orders or be ready to face the music.

Sample letter:



Name of the defendant:

Company’s name:

This letter is being written to you to notify you that you have not been compliant with the court order draft. This letter also reminds you of the immediate steps that you are required to take to show compliance with the order.

You were supposed to pay the amount of (mention the amount) to Plaintiff (mention the name) by 13th November. However, you have not paid him yet. Showing non-compliance to the directions of the court may result in serious actions against you.


Name of the sender,


Letter of Noncompliance with Court Order

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