Letter of Dissatisfaction of Salary

A letter of dissatisfaction is written to the immediate supervisor or HR department or both and indicates an employee’s lack of satisfaction with the salary earned for services delivered.

When an employee feels overworked or under-compensated for their work, they often feel demotivated at work and this can have a negative impact on employee’s productivity and ultimately delay an organization from achieving its goals. Furthermore, employee demotivation and dissatisfaction can also increase the turnover rate of an organization. A high turnover rate is costly both in terms of productivity and the time taken to train new employees.

When employee morale is down they take less interest in their work, are more prone to making errors and in general are at risk of causing loss to an organization. Thus employee motivation is taken very seriously by all organizations -big or small. Employees are encouraged to write any concern that they may have in the HR department. The department then handles the matter after consultation with an employee’s supervisor and occasionally peers (if the situation requires).

If an employee is dissatisfied with the salary earned, they can simply discuss the matter with their supervisor who may forward the concern to the HR department himself or ask the employee to write a formal letter to the HR department.

Employees may become dissatisfied with their salary in several instances such as:

  • Peers or juniors have higher salaries in comparison
  • The job description has expanded with increased responsibilities and yet the salary does not reflect the compensation for new responsibilities
  • The employee feels overworked and under-compensated for the risks taken at work
  • The employee is being paid less than the market wage
  • The employee is being given less than the total remuneration package (including salary and benefits) that were stated in the contract
  • The employee feels that job-related stress has increased or is uncompensated for
  • Economic conditions have evolved drastically raising the cost of living
  • Health or job hazard has increased owing to adverse environmental, political or socio-economic conditions

A sample letter

Subject:                Request for revision of salary

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am glad to be a part of [NAME] Pvt. Ltd. It has been 2 years since I started working here as a [designation]. I have been fulfilling my work responsibilities sincerely and my work performance has been above average. More recently, I feel that my job description has changed beyond the original contract. I am now not only handling my own work but am also supervising and training a few new staff members. While I am glad that the organization recognizes my potential and trusts me in new roles; the additional responsibilities have increased work-related stress and are overwhelming.

Since my work responsibilities have increased, I am writing to request a raise in salary that better compensates my efforts and my job description.

Please let me know of a suitable time for me to discuss my grievance further. I am available for a meeting anytime during the week. Looking forward to your consideration.


Samantha James


Letter of Dissatisfaction of Salary

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