Envelope Templates of Various Sizes

Envelope Templates

An envelope is a packaging container for flat objects such as letters, court orders, documents, receipts, money, notifications, cards, invitations, etc. It is made of a flat paper or a flat thin material. The envelopes used for official purposes have a sealable flap to ensure security. The purposes of putting a document in an envelope include:

  • Making it safe from weather conditions.
  • Protecting the spreading of writing ink.
  • Securing it from unauthorized persons.
  • Putting the document in an envelope gives it a formal look.
  • Posting the letter or a document cannot be done without an envelope.

Depending on the purpose, different types of envelopes are used. These types include variations in sizes and designs. The common types are Air Mail, disc, window, square, booklet, announcement, banker, wallet, pocket, catalog, remittance envelopes. In addition to the outlook and stated information, these designs vary in sizes as well. Some of the sizes are:

No. 10Regular. Window with a sealable flap. 4.125 by 9.5 inches.Most commonly used for different purposes.
No 6 ¾Regular. 3.625 by 6.5 inchesChurch Offering or as a return envelope.
Catalog EnvelopeThree sizes:  6 by 9, 9 by 12, 10 by 13 (inches). Its flap is on the smaller side.Sending correspondence for promotions.
Booklet envelopsThree sizes:  6 by 9, 9 by 12, 10 by 13 (inches). Its flap is on the longer side.Sending correspondence for promotions.
Remittance EnvelopeTwo sizes: 3.625 by 6.5 inches and 3.875 by 8.875 inches. Flaps are open.For return purposes by including personal information, donations, etc.


Use of envelopes in business correspondence as well as for legal purposes is a common practice. Although the companies can choose different designs and sizes of envelopes for their desired purposes, in some cases, there are few standards which are normally followed. The standards may vary from country to country as well. For instance, in the US, the envelope size used for legal purposes is 8 ½ by 14 (inches) and for letters, the size is 8 ½ by 11 (inches).

Generally, any document or letter that needs to be sent for legal purposes such as court orders, law violation warnings, labor department letters, etc. the standard size of 12 by 5 or 12 by 6 (inches) is followed for the envelope. On a legal envelope, the most important things are the details of the receiver and the sender along with the stamp.

Similarly, envelopes are commonly made use of in day to day operations of a business as well e.g. for recruitment, notification, promotion purposes, etc. Different sizes and designs are opted for based on the use of the envelope and the document that is to be packaged in that. Usually, the envelopes have details of the receiver and the sender, company stamp, and company logo.

There are many templates available online as well as on different programs for making envelopes. In addition, customized designs can also be made using programs such as MS Word.

Envelope Size No. 9 (3.875 by 8.875 inches)

Envelope Size No. 9


Envelope Size No. 10 (4.125 by 9.5 inches)

Envelope Size No. 10


Envelope Size No. 11 (4.5 by 10.35 inches)

Envelope Size No. 11


Envelope Size No. 12 (5 by 11.5 inches)

Envelope Size No. 12


Envelope Size No. 14 (5 by 11.5 inches)

Envelope Size No. 14


Envelope Size 6 3/4 (3.625 by 6.5 inches)

Envelope Size 6 3/4


Envelope Size B4 (250 by 353 mm)

Envelope Size B4


Envelope Size US Legal (8.5 by 14 inches)

Envelope Size US Legal


Envelope Size US Letter (8.5 by 11 inches)

Envelope Size US Letter


Envelope Size C3 (324 by 458 mm)

Envelope Size C3


Envelope Templates of Various Sizes
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