Letter of Dismissal of Bar Manager for Poor Performance

Many employees or workers often don’t give their best in work and their poor performance not only affects the reputation of the company, but they also become a burden on the company as well. While sometimes a company cannot afford those extra employees, who are doing no good to the company. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of the work and the prestige of the company some employees need to be terminated.

When you want to dismiss a worker, the more decent and professional way is to write them a letter of dismissal. The letter should be written professionally and in it you should mention the reason for their dismissal with proof documents attached to the letter.

A letter of dismissal is a formal and official document in which everything must be clear without any ambiguity. The tone of the letter should be formal, and the language used must be polite enough to show that you care for the person because of the loss. You should end the letter with a note of encouragement which will show the signs of courtesy on behalf of you and your company.

If the dismissal is because of poor performance or ill behavior you should be only specific about the dismissal. Sympathy is not given in such letters because it is the result of his own behavior and the company is not at fault. Instead you may advise them to improve their behaviors.

 Make sure that following criteria is fulfilled while writing the letter;

  • The reason for dismissal should be cleared enough.
  • The essential documents are attached to the letter.
  • The tone of the letter is professional.
  • A gesture of sympathy towards the employee if the dismissal is the result of the decision by the company and not because of his ill behavior.
  • The important signs and stamps of the company will show the authenticity of the letter.

Following is the sample letter of dismissal of employee;

Sample Letter

Date: May 21, 20XX

[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Address]

Dear [Employee’s Name],

This letter is to inform you that you are being dismissed from the position of bar manager due to poor performance in the last recent months. Over the last five months following specifics led the company to take this decision.

When you were hired by the bar recruiters discussed the expectation with you. You pledged your sincerity with the job and with the bar and you even performed well in the first weeks. But with every passing day your performance declined and your poor performance was affecting the overall prestige of the bar.

As a manager it was your duty to maintain the quality of the products and services of the bar. Yet your negligence has deteriorated the quality of the products that have resulted in the downfall of the bar. You never took any action against the complaints and poor performances of other members of the staff.

In order to gain the prestige and value of the bar again, we have decided to dismiss you form the position of the Manager of the bar.

Your final paycheck is attached to this letter. Your due payments are also cleared, and the bar has officially no more business with you.



[Your Name]

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