Letter Informing Customers about an Employee’s Termination

While doing contracts or dealing with customers a company owing to a certain business has certain contractual obligations to be performed. One has to keep business obligations and professional ethics in mind. While performing such business ethics, it is of quintessential importance to inform your customer or client about an employee’s termination.

While all-set work, there are times when we have to make some gruesome decisions prioritizing our work and business. One of those serious and grim experiences includes the termination of an employee. Termination is made on various grounds like;

  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Spying on the behalf of someone else
  • Doing cybercrimes
  • Harassing other employees
  • Incompetency in working
  • Irregularity and non-punctuality
  •  Non-seriousness with work
  • Leaking some of the company’s secret information
  • Intruding into the company’s privacy

There can also be some other reasons for firing an employee. Terminating an employee from work can be a tough decision but such information gets spread like fire in the air. To let your customers not rely on any rumored information about the termination, spare a few moments of writing to your customers telling them the event which led to the termination of the employee. Also, narrate the reason and other details like date, etc. Tell your customer about the person who will associate it as an alternative to the customers.

There are some circumstances in which the reason(s) behind the termination cannot be revealed. In such a situation, the reason(s) can be skipped. Such kind of letter should bear lucidity, brevity, and clarity of the details.

Following is a letter sample given:

Sample Letter

Re. Termination of Mr. Costa from the Designation of Senior Project Manager

Dear Emily,

I am Will Noman from Nelson Group of Companies. I am an HR manager here. I hope this letter finds you well. This letter aims to inform you that Mr. Costa, a former Senior Project Manager, is no more part of the Nelson Group of Companies. He has been terminated from the company due to certain reasons. The purpose of this information is to tell you that you will be dealing with Mrs. Rosy for the sake of all business concerns including projects, contracts, and purchase deals.

The company was compelled to fire Mr. Costa because of his unprofessional behavior strengthened by incompetency at work. A case of harassment was also reported by a female employee of our company. Costa was warned about it and he promised to not do such things again. The problem prevailing was he did not consider several warnings related to his incompetency, non-seriousness and, poor working quality at the job.

Considering and giving huge regard to the company’s working quality, efficiency, and fair name, we are always willing to layoff the employees who are not serious with their work and put the company at risk of ill-fame and production of poor working quality.

Focusing all the above, the CEO, Director, and Senior HR Manager seated together to discuss the matter and concluded to terminate Mr. Costa. We apologize for any inconvenience you bear due to all this. I hope you will understand this matter of importance, supporting and withstanding with the company’s decision of Costa’s termination imparting great significance to the company’s quality of work and proficiency. Mrs. Rosy will contact you soon at your convenience. For further, be kind to ring at [X] or write your view to [email].

Thanks for your cooperation.



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