Letter for No Longer Accepting the Bookings

Many times when we want to reserve a seat or a room somewhere, we are sent an email or a message telling that the organization where we have applied for the reservation is no longer accepting the bookings. In general, the tourists often hear this from the hotel when they try to book a room for a stay after reaching their destination. This usually happens when there is a special event approaching such as Christmas or New Year and you want to visit a special place where most of the people like to go to special events.

What is a letter for no longer accepting the bookings?

It is a formal written letter written by an organization when it cannot perform the reservation of a room or a seat. This letter is also known as a response letter because it is written as a response to the candidate who requests for the reservation. 

When to write this letter?

This letter is written when the company is requested for the reservation cannot perform the reservation because all the seats are already booked or due to a problem in the system of the organization. 

As a matter of fact, a company has to write a response letter to the applicant whether the reservation is made or not. The applicant should be sent the response so that he can know whether the reservation has been made or his request has been refused. In case the request is refused, he can try for bookings somewhere else. 

How to write this letter?

  1. It is obvious that your letter or refusal with definitely make the recipient sad because it is not good news for anyone to hear that booking he wants to do cannot be made. Therefore, it is important to write the letter politely and make sure that you remain courteous throughout the letter. 
  2. If you think that there is a similar organization that is still accepting the bookings, you can give the suggestion to the recipient.
  3. End the letter by telling the recipient that your company will be available to him in the future for bookings in the future. Also, mention your regret for not being able to approve the request of the recipient this time.

Sample Letter

We have received your request for a booking on 15th Dec 2020. We are very pleased to know that you want a booking with us, however, we regret to inform you that we are no longer accepting the bookings of any type because we don’t have any extra room available in our hotel.

If you really need to stay somewhere, I would like to suggest you contact ABC hotel which is still accepting the bookings as far as my knowledge is concerned.

The address of the ABC hotel is [X].

I hope that you will get the booking of your wish in that hotel. We assure you that we will be available in the future for you whenever you wish to make a booking.

Yours sincerely.

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