Letter Delay in Manufacturing due to COVID-19


Re. Notification and Apology for Delay in the Completion of the Manufacturing of the Hoovers for Your Commercial Store w.r.t. Contract No. 905-A Dated 23rd November 20XX 

This is Rose Hills from the Department of Manufacturing and TTs Warehouse of I-CTEPS Group of Alloys and Electronics. I am composing this letter to you to notify you of the delay in the manufacturing of several hoovers for commercial use for your store in CA. I hereby inform you of the delay and the circumstances behind this delay led by the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

COVID-19 has caused historic disruption in the entire world and paralyzed a number of businesses with uncertain and strictly held lockdowns in a number of cities/states precariously.

Due to COVID-19, the rapid growth in cases led the government of half of the world to put strict lockdowns in the areas to curb the cruel growth and spread of the virus. With the lockdowns, a lot of businesses were shut down from 10-03-20XX to 20-10-20XX. The mentioned period was the worst of times for its dreadful uncertainty of the future and the complete shutdown of the business.

Most of the businesses of small scale were shutdown permanently for they could not stabilize themselves for longer. The same applies to our company’s manufacturing unit. Our company’s manufacturing department remained closed for more than seven months, therefore, we could not yield a few megaprojects.

Production and manufacturing of hoovers take much time in ordinary circumstances whereas, in the times of COVID-19 suppression and lockdown, it was almost impossible to receive the raw material for the manufacturing. Then the shutdown of the warehouse also added to the worsened situation.

The project was signed on 23rd May 20XX having the consignment to be in the packing process on 23rd November 20XX. Packaging could not be begun due to the issues of non-availability of raw material and other packaging requirements. Much of the business remained shut till 20th February 20XX.

Now the businesses have been resumed and normalized a little and the packaging has been started from 25th February 20XX with the multiplied workforce.

We understand the problems and trouble you might have to face due to the delay in the manufacturing and delivery of the contracted shipment but it is regretfully informed that this hit is also a knocking jolt of COVID-19. I hope the manufacturing and packaging will be completed soon before the end of April 20XX. We will share the exact dates of the delivery very soon. We pardon for the inconvenience and trouble caused by this delay.

I shall be grateful if you cooperate with us for a little more and coordinate in the time-lapse of the delivery. For more, please write at [x] or call at [X].


Rose Hills
Department of Manufacturing and TTs Warehouse
I-CTEPS Group of Alloys and Electronics
V-190, CA Star Blue Area, Edward Ellen Road
San Diego, CA, USA

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Re. Apprising and Informing the Unpreventable Delay in the Manufacturing of the Ordered Apparels due to COVID-19 and the Implementation of the Strict Lockdown in the Entire State

Dear Mike,

I am John Stereo, the Associate Head of the Department of Manufacturing and Lister Industries. First, I would like to thank you for your long and enduring trust in our services and the keeping us intact with your professional and firm interest in making this cooperation long-term.

Secondly, the purpose behind penning this draft is to inform you about the unavoidable and inexorable delay in the manufacturing of the ordered apparel for the new store franchise of Elegant Molex in Vital Lake Road.

The project was signed on 23rd December 20XX to provide the store with the latest Turkish, Russian, and Italian designs of apparel for your new store with registration no. A-90170/IGAS. The project was to be initiated with the partnership and sponsorship of Lister.com and Loops of Cotton, Texas.

The project that was agreed on 23rd December 20XX states that the shipment of the apparels was to be dispatched on 15th March 20XX whereas it seems not possible to carry through. The reason behind this inescapable deferment in the manufacturing of the designed apparel is COVID-19 and its repercussions. One of the most drastic impacts of COVID-19 is the recoil and shrink of business in terms of production and finance. Out-turn of the business has been fallen short and has deflated.

This deficit in raw material and thus production has belated the manufacturing process. The production of the apparel could not be yielded because of the procedural delay due to the shutdown inflicted by the federal and state government due to COVID-19.

Now the lockdown has been uplifted partially and a few businesses have been permitted to open with following strict COVID Workplace SOPs and Instructions. We hope that the product will be ready to dispatch on 23rd April 20XX.

We apologize for the unavoidable delay in this and request you to renew the contract and prepare new project details by replacing the older dates with the newer ones. We will be grateful to you for your kind cooperation. Copies of all the required documents have been attached with the letter.

Feel free to write to [X] or ring at +[X].


John Stereo
Associate Head
Department of Manufacturing and Lister Industries
Lime Designs and Apparels Manufacturing Industry
J-230 J block, F-11 Sector Sell, San Diego

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