Invoice Cancellation Request Letter

What is the Invoice Cancellation Request Letter?

A company owner or service provider receives an invoice cancellation letter from a customer if the customer finds an error in the invoice paid by him/her. Therefore, a customer may request the service provider to cancel the invoice and send a new one with the mention amendments against which the payment can be made. It is necessary for the customer to have the wrong invoice as proof before asking for an invoice cancellation or rectification.

What is Invoice?

An invoice is a sales receipt issued by a service provider to a customer that needs to pay against it. It shows that an account receivable is generated at the end of the service provider that has to be satisfied by the customer, this serves as a written document of the payment between both.

Parts of an Invoice

An invoice includes the following sections:

  • Date: The date of purchase/service availed. Also, if payable later, then the last due date of payment.
  • Customer and Service Provider Credentials: This includes the full name and address.
  • Purchase or Service Details: The details of which item was purchased along with the quantity and price, similarly with the service availed, is mentioned on the invoice.
  • Payment Agreement: It should be clearly mentioned on the invoice whether the payment was done immediately or should be done in the future in exactly how many days.

Purpose of Invoice Cancellation

An invoice cancellation request can be made by the customer in the following cases:

  • The customer finds errors in the price or payment agreement of the product purchased or service availed by him/her.
  • The customer is not satisfied with the product/service description or quantity mentioned on the invoice, as that effects the payment and may leads to other issues also.

Advantages of Invoice Cancellation

The invoice cancellation serves as an advantage for not only the customer but the service provider as well. Some of these are explained below:

  • Financial Benefit: The customer would not have to pay the unnecessary or erroneous amount and the service provider could be saved from the harms of any losses or unexplained money.
  • Recording System: Correct invoices serve as an authentic record for the internal revenue system of the company and aids to justify tax returns, similarly, on part of the customer, it helps them keep a record of their bank transactions.

Sample letter

[Letter Date]
[Company Owner Name]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]

Subject: Invoice Cancellation Request Letter to [Company Name]

Dear [Company Owner],

I am writing you this letter to draw your attention towards an error in the invoice [invoice number], therefore, I request you to cancel this invoice and issue a new one, with rectification. I have been a loyal customer to your store and have been a regular buyer. Unfortunately, this time my invoice [invoice number], generated on [date of invoice], had certain errors regarding the number of items purchased.

On [date of purchase], I purchased 8 cushions of sizes 9”-5”, having a total price of $600/- which was due to be paid in 7 days. Unfortunately, the invoice I received today, record 10 cushions, having a price of $850/-. I understand that a human error may have caused the misinformation in the invoice, you can check your inventory and bills for further records. Therefore, I would humbly request you to cancel this invoice and issue an accurate one with the said rectification.

I shall await your response and rectified invoice.


[Customer Name]
[Customer Address]

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