Email to Postpone a Meeting

An email to postpone a meeting is sent to all the people who are supposed to attend the meeting. The purpose of this email is to inform everyone that the meeting has been postponed.

When to write the email to postpone a meeting?

There are many situations in which meetings are postponed or canceled. The organization postponing the meeting is responsible to tell all the potential attendees about the postponement.

It is important to inform everyone about the postponement at least one day before the meeting. People are usually sent a notification when the decision to conduct the meeting is taken. That notification tells the date, time, and venue of the meeting. Those who have to attend the meeting prepare themselves for the meeting. So, when a meeting is postponed, they should be informed.

Writing an email to inform everyone about the postponement is usually considered one of the most effective ways of communication. The best aspect of sending emails is that you can send the information quickly to as many people as you want. if you want to make sure that people don’t come to attend the meeting, you should immediately inform them by writing an email.

How to write the email for the meeting postponement?

Here are a few guidelines that must be followed while writing the email concerning the postponement.

  • Outlines a subject line:

This email is always written professionally. Therefore, all the key attributes of a professional-looking email are maintained in it. One of the major aspects that should never be overlooked is the subject of the email. Many people don’t even bother to open the email if its subject is not appealing to them.

When you add a subject to the email, it prompts people to open the email and read why the meeting has been put off and when it will be convened again.

  • Keep the email simple and short:

The email should remain short and informative. All the information provided in the email should be based on facts and information. There is no need to get into the details as to why you have compelled the put of the meeting. However, if you think that you can explain the reason precisely, you can give the reason. Make sure that the reason is not explained in detail.

  • Give the rescheduling details:

If you have decided on a new date for the meeting, give details in an email. If the date has not been decided yet, tell the reader that you will update him about the new dates. This will enable the reader to keep himself waiting for the next email for updates.

If you think that you have caused inconvenience to readers by postponing the meeting at the eleventh hour, you should apologize for this. Thank the reader at the end of the email for being so patient and accepting the situation of you in which you were forced to postpone the meeting.



You are hereby informed that the meeting to be held at 4 pm today has been postponed owing to the unavailability of our Senior Manager, Mr. XYZ. You shall be duly notified regarding the new date and time for the meeting.


I regret to inform you that I will not be able to meet you tomorrow as scheduled for the discussion of your business proposal. Due to some family emergency, I have to fly to Lahore urgently. I might be there for a couple of days or more. We will arrange our meeting as soon as I am back.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


You are duly informed that the meeting with our client, Mr. XYZ has been postponed to 25th November upon his request. In the meantime, it is suggested that you utilize the extra time and further refine your presentation for him.

Kindly reply to acknowledge this email.


Email to Postpone Meeting due to COVID-19

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