Email to Postpone Meeting due to COVID-19

Sample Email -1

To all staff members, it is hereby to inform you that the meeting that was arranged tomorrow for the company’s new policy discussion has been postponed. As we all know COVID-19 is all around and the company is deciding to allow work from home. Therefore, the CEO has canceled the meeting for the time being. Whole team members are requested to stay in touch via phones and emails. Moreover, all must be online on time according to official requirements. Hope all of you will cooperate. Do your work at home and try to submit on time to avoid inconvenience due to the delay of work. Stay safe and healthy.

Sample Email -2

Dear, I want to inform you that the meeting with the client has been canceled. Due to the prevailing situation of the coronavirus, the client is not willing to visit the office. He has postponed and will discuss all the matters after a few days. Therefore, we will continue office work as per routine. There is no meeting tomorrow. So, you can come on time to the office and continue office routine chores.

Sample Email -3

Hey dear. I hope you are doing well. Kindly inform to all managers that the upcoming meeting that the company was arranging on Friday has been postponed. In fact, the CEO is deciding to allow all employees to stay at home and work remotely to prevent themselves from the coronavirus. So, wait for the next email but for time being there is no meeting on Friday. Stay at home, be on time and respond to emails quickly to avoid inconvenience.

Sample Email -4

Hi, I want to say that I am canceling the meeting with the client related to a new project. As there is an alarming situation of the Coronavirus these days. It is better to avoid public dealings and meetings. So, meeting with a client is postponed. I am thinking to take the conference call with the client and other members to discuss the main points. In this way, we can start online work to avoid wastage of time. In this way, we will complete the documentation and as soon as the situation will be handled, we will discuss products and their manufacturing strategies. Stay in touch through email. I will update you about the online meeting soon.

Sample Email -5

Hey, I hope you are doing well. I want to inform you that please stop the arrangements for the meeting that is today evening. The manager has postponed it as he received a call from the delegation. They are not coming today because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The team wants to follow preventive measures. For that reason, there is no meeting today. I am going to inform others too about the cancellation of the meeting. So, there is no need to arrange a projector and other equipment for the meeting. I will inform you about a new date for the meeting. Thank you.

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