Explanation Letter for Delay in Delivery due to COVID-19

No matter whether you have set-up a small business or a big organization, meeting up the deadlines shows how much professional you are in your business. It is just the main submission of your work on which the whole company is relying on. The sector of commercial companies is so much conscious about meeting up the deadlines and placing their orders on time. They do have a conception in mind that meeting the deadlines will leave a lasting impression on the mindset of the people.

On the other side, personnel companies are known worst for their meeting deadline considerations just because they have the work tardiness.

But to deal with this whole condition you don’t need to feel panic at all because the best solution will be to offer an apology letter to your clients.  You can let your clients be offered an explanation letter in which you can highlight the reason for the delay in delivery.

The worker will be writing down the letter as the apology application in which the main reasons for the late delivery will be highlighted. In this way, it won’t be leaving behind any sort of effect on the overall performance of your company because the clients will take it as a good gesture.

Always remember no matter whether it is about the apology letter, your few seconds of conversation in nice and sweet word tone can leave a lasting impression on another person.  It will also be letting you build a lasting impression on your boss as well.

Some of the common elements which need to be included in the explanation letter are as mentioned below:

  • Starting and ending the letter with a salutation
  • Explaining your purpose.
  • Writing down an honest apology

How you should Apology Letter for late delivery?

You should be starting the application with the main details of the delivery related to the client order. You should also be mentioning the date and time of the delivery which was decided at the end of the agreement. You have to highlight all the details of the delivery and in the end, you will be mentioning the main reason why the delivery was a delay and all the main obstructions that come in the way. 

At the end of the application, you have to highlight the apology statement that needs to be in the straight and sweet words. Make sure that the apology is straight and is not at all confusing for the client to understand its basics.

So this was the complete set of information about how you can perform the application letter outlook for the late delivery of your order. Currently due to coronavirus as well so many companies have been facing hurdles in making their delivery to the international countries as the flights have been canceled and no mode of transportation is allowed to move ahead from one place to another. Follow the guidelines which we mention right here for and win the trust of your customers.

Sample Letter



Dear Customer Name,

This is regarding your order no.123 which you placed with our company XYZ on the 00th of Month.

Please accept our apology for the delay in the delivery of the product which was supposed to be delivered to you on the previous Monday. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are facing a lot of irregularities in the manufacturing department as some of our staff had to leave when they started showing some symptoms of COVID’19. To effectively control this epidemic the provincial government has introduced precautionary measures which include social distancing, extended holidays and traffic control which has made the conditions worst for us. We are unable to continue with our productions in such conditions but we are hopeful that the situation would get back to normal soon and we could resume our operations.

We are following the government’s instructions on daily basis to keep up with the situation and would try the best to minimize your concerns and trouble, but we are unable to give you an exact date for the delivery. Your order had already been put into operation and we are hoping to have it ready in just a time span of 2-3 days once the production unit starts working again.

You have always been a very loyal client of this company from along, and we feel great about you being so committed to us. We hope that you understand the prevailing situation and would keep getting our services in the future. As a kind gesture, we would like to give you a gift hamper and a 30% discount on your next purchase discount. Whenever in the future, you make a purchase with us you can avail of the discount on your final bill.

Best Regards,


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