First Aid Training Request Letter for Staff

A first aid training request letter for the staff is written by the admin manager, HR, or any other head to the CEO of the company in which a formal request is forwarded to conduct a first aid training session for the staff. The letter has a formal tone and focuses on the importance of first aid training of the company staff.

As the cost of the training is, usually, borne by the employer, the employee writes this formal letter to convince the employer of the need for such training. In addition, the employer’s acceptance is required, as the first aid training hours may affect the employee’s routine working hours. If the employer approves the training request, he will provide the formal permission letter for the employee to allow altering his working hours during the training.

When an employee deems first aid training as significant for the type of job he does, he tries to bring the employer on board, through the first aid training request letter for the staff. However, he needs to persuade the employer of the benefits, that would be received by investing a certain amount in the training program.

The content of this letter may vary as per the circumstances, the company’s policies, and the employee’s strong desire, which may affect the length of the letter as well. Nevertheless, important details to be added at most are the following:

  • The request for the first-aid training.
  • Description of any specific training program, including charges, duration, dates, training hours, etc.
  • The reason behind the request.
  • Convincing arguments.
  • Benefits of the training for the company.
  • Seek acceptance and approval.
  • Emphasize the quick approval due to the training’s need.
  • Mention any attached documents.

When this letter is received, the employer analyses that whether the investment is worth making. If he accepts the request, the employee can start getting his first aid training. However, if he rejects the employee’s request, the employee either has to forego the training or keep convincing the employer.

Sample First Aid Training Request Letter for Staff


Dear Mr. Joseph,

I am writing this letter to request you for first-aid training, that will start from 1st July 20XX, and end on 15th August, 20XX.

As I work in the production unit, I often have to handle various accidents and injuries of the workers, who get injured during the work. Being a manager, I ensure that the working environment is safe, yet employees often become careless, and accidents occur. In such instances, we have to rush the employees to the hospital, which costs money to the company.

I have thought of an alternative to avoid these extra costs in the long term. As I am not directly involved in the production, if I have the first-aid training, I can handle the basic medical care, when an accident occurs.

The first-aid training, that I am requesting you for, has a one-time cost of $[X], which is quite a competitive rate. In addition, my working hours will not get affected, as the training is on the weekends only.

If you want to arrange a training yourself or have any questions regarding this training program, please feel free to contact me at [X]. I am attaching the program brochure with this letter as well.

Kindly, accept my request soon, as the number of injuries being reported is quite high these days due to the high seasonal demand. I will ensure that the money invested will not go to waste, rather you will be able to save money on the hospital bills.

Thank you.


Steven John.  

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