Fee Reminder Message to Parents


Dear parents, Most respectfully, it is stated that the tuition fee for the month of [X] is pending against your child, (name/id) of grade [X]. We kindly request you to please clear your outstanding dues and pay the school in full by (day/date). Parents can apply to avail the facility of payment of tuition fees in installments. After the lapse of a given date, fine and penalty will be imposed. Your prompt attention to this matter will be highly appreciated.

If you have already sent the fee, kindly ignore this message.

Thank you in advance!

Fee reminder message to parents
Fee reminder message to parents


Dear parents, this is a gentle reminder that your child (name) of grade [X] school fee has not been paid for the month of [X]. We would appreciate receiving the fee till (date) so your child could smoothly continue his studies. School rules may apply if the fee is not cleared before the due date. We expect you to settle the dues timely. There is a facility for the parent to submit the fee in installments, to avail this offer contact or visit the school office.

For more quires and information, contact the administration office. 


Dear parent, this is a final reminder for the submission of the tuition fees. As the tuition fee of your son/daughter (name) of level [X] has not been paid for the last two months. We earnestly request you to please clear the fee till (date) to avoid any inconvenience for your child at school. The payment can be done online and a facility of paying the late fees in installments has been introduced.

If the payment of fee is delayed beyond the due date, the discount will be withdrawn and the penalty will be imposed. We expect the clearance of the fee without any delay.

Thank you in advance!


Dear parent,

With due respect, it is requested that you should pay the remaining dues of your child (name) of grade [X] by the date of [DATE]. After this date, some charges will be applied to the fee as a fine for late fee submission. So it is a kind request to clear the fee as soon as possible. If the fee is not submitted even after the due date school rules may apply and your child will not be allowed to sit in the class.

You can also pay the fee online on this website [Website]. For further details, you can contact the administration office. Thank you.


Dear parent, we just wanted to send you a reminder that the tuition fee of the month of [X] has not been paid against your son/daughter (name) of class [X]. This is just a reminder to avoid any further late charge as after 10 days of late submission of fee, fine of $[X] will be imposed. The payment of tuition fees can also be done online.

If you have already sent the fee, ignore this message. For more questions and information, visit our office or contact on phone no. [X]. Thanks!