Excuse Letter of Absence due to Menstruation

Some ladies find menstruation time tough. They may even not be able to get out of bed due to feeling sick. It is a normal thing that happens to women every month. If you work and find menstruation pain tough at a certain time, you will probably want to miss work. This is because you may not be able to focus on doing any work.

What is an excuse letter?

An excuse letter, such as one for being absent from work due to menstruation, is the letter that a woman needs to send her employer when she feels too ill due to menstruation pain. It is necessary to find out if your workplace allows you to miss work due to this.

Importance of the excuse letter

It is necessary to inform your employer when you cannot go to work. This is so that they know you will not be there and can properly assign your work beforehand. It is careless if you do not tell your boss that you cannot attend work.

Tips for creating the excuse letter

When creating an excuse letter for not being able to go to work, you need to make it formal. Consider the following tips to help you out:

  1. Type it: Do not carelessly write a letter by hand. You should type it into Microsoft Word. This makes it look professional and formal.
  2. Inform your employer ASAP: The day that you get your period and do not feel well is when you will inform your boss. Do this ASAP so that no disturbance occurs due to your absence.
  3. Important information: Your boss will not have time to read a long letter. Make it simple to inform them why menstruation is forcing you to be absent from work. You need to include the dates you will be absent. This will often take only one day. You can tell your employer to send work to you via email, which can be done during the day.

Any absence excuse letter from work must be precise and have a valid excuse.

Sample Letter

Ella Jibran
2393: Res Miao
New York, United States

17th April 20XX

Iva Newman
Starlight Textiles
GK 09347, Emin Ro. Building
New York, United States

Re. An Excuse Letter of Absence Due to Menstruation

Dear Iva,

This letter is intended to convey to you my three days’ leave from work due to Menstruation. I am working as a Junior Corporate Officer at your company.

I know that menstruation is a regularly based excuse but I am going through severe pain due to my periods. I am having period cramps and it pains like ailing. I am unable to work during this period as I cannot be available for work due to muscular contractions, anxiety thus generating stress, and nausea.

I am very sensitive to these period cramps and they head to other health problems in me. As I am already dealing with mild Anemia, the time period of menstruation is not always normal for me.

I have made an appointment with the doctor too to cope with this ail and cark. Talking about work, I have sent a composed presentation to Mr. Ali Hamad, the Administrator through email which I was supposed to send by tomorrow. Moreover, I have accomplished the project with Micelle Textiles, and Rosa Design, and have composed the contracts for new male models.

Surely, I shall be available for three to four hours per day working from home. Dear Iva, I know that it has been a significant time as the scenario of the textile industry is already suffering. All I can do for now is, show my presence from home and work online for half of the official hours.

I hope you understand my position at this time of ailment. I shall be thankful to you if you grant me three days’ leave from the office.



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