Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

Having a toothache is painful. It may be so bad that one cannot focus on anything. The pain tends to be throbbing causing one to feel sick. If you have an unbearable toothache you will need time off work to get better.

What is an absence excuse letter due to toothache?

An excuse letter for being absent from work because of a toothache is the letter that an employee needs to give the employer when they cannot attend work because of a severe toothache. The letter is short and formal. 

Importance of the letter

An excuse letter is required by some workplaces as part of company policy. It helps the employer effectively manage the employee’s absence.

Tips to create the letter

When creating an excuse letter for being absent you need to keep in mind that it is a professional letter and so should follow this format. The following tips can help you out:

  1. Microsoft Word: You will have to carefully type the letter without any grammar and spelling mistakes. For this a good application like Microsoft Word is required. 
  2. Tell the employer soon: The day that you experience the toothache is when you will need to inform your employer that you want to be absent from work. Do this as soon as possible so that your boss does not find your absence though.
  3. Only include the required information: Do not include any useless details. This is because the letter must be precise as your boss does not have time. Therefore, simply include the reasons why you need to be absent, do not go into details about your toothache. Briefly tell them why this is forcing you to be absent, such as the toothache is not allowing you to focus. State the dates when you plan to be absent. It is a good idea to tell your employer that you are willing to make up for this absence in any way. If work can be sent via email saying that you can do this if possible.

Everyone may need to compose an excuse letter for absence for some reason, at any time during their career. It is important to know how to do this properly. 

Sample Letter

Mukesh Raj
90-A Steward Hawks
IN 90234 WC, US

17th April 20XX

The General Manager
Oberlo Groups and Co
1289-K Razaak Heights

Re. An Excuse for Being Absent due to Toothache

Dear Sir,

The Purpose of penning to you here is to inform you about my absence from 18th April 20XX to 20th April 20XX. I am working in your company as a consultant. The designation I am working on does not bear any kind of negligence, and even one day off to work can lead to greater gaps.

The reason for my absence is my long-term toothache. I have consulted a dentist who has recommended me to another doctor in Township as I have got certain oral infections too. On the doctor’s recommendation, I have got an appointment for my tooth examination. For that, I have to go through certain tests of oral infection. The doctor has also warned me about the serious condition as its worsening can lead to other complexities making surgery compulsive.

Sir, I know I am working on a very important project which is a milestone for the company’s career. I have given some instructive advice to Mr. Joe who will be working for me during my absence and will take charge at my place for two days. For more, I shall be available for the company’s queries for the project and shall stay at an email or a call away. I make you another request to reschedule the meetings from 18th April 20XX to 20th April 20XX or schedule online meetings if feasible for all.

Doctor’s prescribed recommendation has been attached to the letter to certify. Moreover, I assure you that I shall be back in the office on 21st April 20XX. I affirm that all the holding tasks pertaining to the project will be completed and accomplished at the given dates.

I shall be very grateful if you excuse me for three days from work.



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