End of Warranty Letter to Customer

End of warranty is the termination of your defibrillators fabricating warranty. It implies that the device will not be recovered by the company from where you assembled your defibrillator and will not be answerable for repair or replacement if it gets across with an issue.

Issues and defects are analogous in every part of life. As humans can make errors, similarly in the same way machinery, appliances and products can also be inoperative. In order to avoid the wariness of the customers on the company’s names, electronic appliances and products must be checked fittingly before delivery. It can prove risky for their advantageousness. 

Warranty is a legal fixing commitment that includes assurance to buyers about product safety. A warranty usually provides for certain kinds of remedies like repair or replacement of the article that is failed to meet its operation.

Warranty is implied for a certain time period and starts from the date of purchasing a product. If by chance or unluckily customer’s product gets out of order then they demand warranty claim. But before writing a claim, make sure that the product has a warranty. The end of the warranty letter is written by the owner of the company to those customers that demand repairing the defected product. The head of the company or manager writes a letter then to the customer detailing about the end of the warranty.

In writing the end of the warranty letter, your tone should be formal and avoid any unnecessary detailing.

  1. First, you must write one paragraph that you are feeling sad about the defect in the product as it was purchased from your outlet.
  2. State, then, that you always try to give complete satisfaction to your customers because you ensure the reliability and quality of all your products.
  3. Then jump by telling them that the warranty of the product has expired and if the customer still wants the product to get repaired then inform them that it will cost money.

Following is a sample of the end of warranty letter to the customer. 


10th August 20XX

Liam Mason
The Manager of ABC Company
Michigan, ABC Branch

Dear Mr. Mason,

Subject: End of Warranty Letter to Customer 

We are so distressed after listening to the problem you have with our air conditioner Model Q-098 that you bought in December 20XX. We are never enchanted to know this that one of our products has been gone wrong, regardless of the thing that warranty has expired or not.

We always try to give complete satisfaction to our customers because we ensure the reliability and quality of all our products. If we honor your plea to repair the air conditioner then it would be unfair for the rest of our customers who secured extended warranty during purchasing time.

By reviewing our records, we came to know that you had denied obtaining an extended warranty that was offered to you at the time of purchase. This extended warranty included full coverage of 5 years while the manufacturer’s warranty was of 3 years.

It is sad to inform you that the warranty for the product has been expired and we cannot amend any changes in it. The proof that you had given to us along the purchase shows that it was purchased on 12-12-20XX. We give a warranty of three years that is enough time from the date of purchase, its warranty ended five months ago. If you still ask us to repair this air conditioner for you it would charge then 500$. We guarantee you that it will work for a certain period. 

You can have a look at affixed instruction and can return back to us promptly. 


George Marlow

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