Email Requesting Courier to be Sent

We are often required to write an email to the supplier to send the courier to us. This happens in various situations. In this email, we formally ask the supplier to send the courier to us.

When to write?

You can make this request when:

  • You did not receive the courier when it reached your door because you were not available to receive and you request the shipper to send it again to you.
  • You don’t have money to pay for the courier and you came to know that the supplier can also ship you the required products on credit.
  • When the courier could not be delivered to you and it was returned to the supplier by the courier company.

There can be many situations for writing this email. Consider your situation carefully before you start writing this email.

How to write?

When you are going to write the email to make the request, make sure that you remember the following points:

Don’t forget to give your introduction:

You must mention in the email who you are and what is your position that allows you to make this request. Usually, people from the procurement department are tasked with the responsibility to write this email.

Formally make the request:

After you have given your introduction, formally make the request to ship to you. In this part, you must specify the particular shipment number and other details so that the courier can be identified by the supplier.

Give a reason for writing this email:

Whenever you request any sort, you must provide the reason for making the request. Let the reader know that you are compelled to write this email because you don’t have money to pay in advance or for whatever reason you have.

End on a positive note:

In the end, you should conclude the email with a positive message. Tell the reader that you expect a lot from him.

Given below is a sample email that has been written and sent to the supplier who initially refused to deliver products to you because you were unable to pay and now you are requesting him to send them again.

Writing tips:

  1. Generally, this email is drafted in a professional setting and thus, it is a basic requirement that uses a formal tone and selection of words.
  2. Don’t write a long email with plenty of irrelevant details. It will not be easy for the reader to read such a long email. Simply make the request and close the email.
  3. The subject of the email is the most important element that you should never ignore. Compose the subject carefully because the recipient is likely to ignore it if it does not explain the email well.


Subject: A request for courier delivery:

Dear (mention the name of the recipient),

I am (mention your name) working as (mention your position) in the ABC company. I am writing on behalf of ABC corporate to request you to deliver the items that you intended to ship. We have been working with your company for more than 5 years now and this journey of 5 years has been so pleasant and happy. We have always found you to be very cooperative.

As you are already aware, our company is going through serious financial setbacks due to the current circumstances of a pandemic. We are unable to pay for the construction material that we previously ordered. Therefore, the company has placed a new order with the construction material on a credit basis.

The credit history of our company is suitable to apply for delivery of goods on credit. We have also purchased goods from you so many times on credit and according to the record; we were never late in terms of paying back the money. Yet, we are ready to provide you with the bank statement and some references also so that you can trust us. Kindly let me know if you are ready to make the delivery of the products after reading this request.

I am looking forward to a kind and positive response from your side.


Name of the sender.

Email Requesting Courier to be Sent

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