Delegating an Employee to Follow Up Complaint of a Customer

Delegating is a great strategy if you want to ensure that the task that you have delegated to an employee is going to be accomplished completely. Many employers often don’t pay attention to the delegation and that’s why they are unable to get the best results.

Customer satisfaction is the main priority of every business. When it comes to providing the best customer services, listening to the complaints of the customer is the first thing that should be done by a business. It is important for a business to know how to handle a complaint of the customer.

When a customer makes a complaint to a business about the poor quality of the product or customer services, it is the responsibility of the company to take all the necessary steps to solve the issue faced by the customer.

Most of the companies delegate an employee to follow-up the complaints of the customer. The delegated employee is responsible for observing the entire issue in depth so that he can ensure that the issue faced by the customer has been solved and close the case.

While delegating an employee to follow-up, the company writes a letter to the employee. In this letter, the complete details of the customer as well as the complaint are written. The employee is asked to take the best possible steps to solve the issue. If there are some instructions to be followed during follow-up, the employer mentions them in the letter.

It is important for the employer to make the employee understand everything well. The instructions and details of the complaint should be told very clearly. There should not be any ambiguity in the statement. If the employer himself does not know much about the complained issue, he can give the contact details of the customer. The employee can then contact the customer and ask for the details.

It is the responsibility of the employee to inform the employer about the progress of the delegated task. If the employer has mentioned time to complete the task, the employee should meet the deadline.

Sample Letter

Delegating an Employee to Follow Up Complaint of a CustomerDear employee, the task I am going to assign you today, needs much tactfulness & understanding both at a time. Not everything can be delegated to everyone. You have made your place in the firm because you have the expertise & the capability to perform the tasks magnificently. If anybody else in the company had those abilities which you possess, your position would not have been exclusive.

Consequently, there will be some responsibilities & missions that you will have to confront wholly solely.

I have received complaints from one of our customers about the compromise on the quality of our products which is unbelievably shocking to me. I want you to go to the manufacturing department & have a keen eye on the quality of products in every possible way.

If you find it perfectly alright then go to our regular customer & investigate which problem is making him feel perturbed about the products. Be very vigilant about not admitting whatever he says against the compromised quality no matter what. Just ask him what possible solution he wants for poor performance as a compensation.

After gathering all the mandatory information, come to me & give me your opinion on how to tackle the matter since we cannot risk the reputation of our institute in any way.


Delegating an Employee to Follow Up Complaint of a CustomerI have been searching for one of our best employees to perform this task and considering your polite and calm nature, I found you the perfect candidate.

We have received this complaint from one of our very valuable customers. It is very embarrassing for us to receive this complaint in the first place. But I would like you to take a charge of this assignment and deal with it in the best possible way.

The customer has mentioned an issue with the faulty product. This is very shocking to me. I would like you to visit the production department and review their quality assurance procedures to avoid such complaints in the future. Once confirmed, please get in touch with the customer with an apology and inquiring what sort of compensation would be like.

After completing all your investigations, please inform me of the actions you will take to cater to this situation and save us from our reputational risk.