Notify Employees about Change in Existing Policy

Every business owner has a right to change the company’s policy or make new policies. If a company makes a new policy or changes the existing one, it needs to inform all the employees about the implementation of a new policy. The first step before implementing the new policy is informing the employees through a memo or a letter.

How to notify the employee about a change in existing company policy?

  1. Whenever you decide to change the existing policies, you should clearly describe your changes to the employee. There should not be any confusion in employee’s minds so the implementation of policies should be recorded correctly.
  2. If the change in policy causes any kind of inconvenience to your employees, apologizing professionally is recommended.
  3. The details of the new policy should be written clearly.
  4. Make sure that you have proper grammar and punctuation in your notification that will enable the employee to understand the notification easily.

Tips for writing notification:

The chances are good that there was a problem with the existing policy due to which, the company decided to change it. Whatever the reasons are, the employee should be informed about them. The disrespectful attitude in the notification written to the employee should be avoided.

You should not mention the name of any specific employee who violated the policies and compelled the company to change them.

If you are going to change the existing policy, you should highlight the existing policy and should describe clearly how the new policy is different from the older one. The page number and section of the existing policy should be referenced.

Mention the correct date in the notification so that the employee can know that it is the updated version of the policy manual he is being notified about.

Make sure that you are correctly notifying your employees. If you want to notify the entire staff, reconsider your distribution policy to know if it distributes the notification well.

Ask the employee to sign the notification at the end.

Sample Letters


This is to notify you about important changes made to our remote work policy. These changes have been made after considering feedback from various departments regarding the challenges involved with remote work.

Therefore, to overcome the existing issues, it has been decided that employees are required to work from the office at least 3 times a week. Remote work days will only be allowed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Moreover, during the work-from-home days, employees must sign in at 9 AM sharp and be available till the off time at 6 PM.

These changes have been introduced to ensure a smooth and consistent flow of work. We want to enhance our work efficiency and need our employees to improve their focus.

These changes will be in effect from the 1st of July, 20XX. We look forward to your cooperation.


We would like to inform all employees about a change in our leave policy. Considering the negative effect of annual leave on work performance, the management has decided to modify the vacation policy.

With effect from (date), employees will no longer be permitted to take their entire 4 weeks of annual leave in one go. The maximum number of consecutive leave days that can be approved is now 2 weeks.

The new policy will help prevent the workload from piling up. In addition, employees will be able to avail their annual leaves at least twice a year, allowing them to relax.

Please contact HR for further details. We look forward to your cooperation.


We are pleased to inform you about the company’s new healthcare policy. We have collaborated with 5 reputable healthcare facilities in the city. Therefore, employees can visit their nearest facility in the list and avail of healthcare services within the budget allocated to them according to their job title and status in the organization.

Please find enclosed the list of hospitals and diagnostic centers in our list. We hope the new policy will make it more convenient for our employees to seek healthcare services.

You may contact HR for further details or queries.


As a part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a professional environment in the office, we have introduced a new policy regarding our dress code. With effect from 25th May 20XX, there will no longer be any casual Fridays. It will be mandatory for all employees to dress up in business attire from Monday through Friday.

This change has been introduced to maintain our organization’s professional image in front of our clients and competitors. Additionally, it will help improve your focus on work. We expect all employees to follow the new dress code. There will be penalties for breaking the code without a valid excuse.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


This is an official notification about our new policy regarding the use of office printers. Please limit your daily printing to no more than 10 pages per day. You must receive the management’s written approval if you require to print more than 10 pages.

The policy will be in effect from Monday, 16th June. This is an important step to cut down office expenses in these times of inflation. Employees will be accountable for non-compliance.

We look forward to your cooperation in this regard.


This letter is to inform you of the change in existing company policy concerning the latecomers. The company has decided to deduct 50% of one day’s salary if an employee is late for thrice a month. Previously the company used to deduct 10% of the said salary.

This leniency went wrong for the company as the employees took it more than easy to be late in the workplace. In the last few weeks, the strength of employees coming to work late has been greater than ever before. This is a threat to the reputation of the firm that we cannot afford. The productivity of the company has also been affected in the worst way.

Therefore, all of you are strictly advised to follow the new policy otherwise the company will be entitled to deal with the latecomer in a probable harsh way. We are looking forward to the employee’s upgrading. Let us all work supportively & understandingly for our company’s nonstop achievements.

Thank you!

Notify Employees about Change in Existing Policy

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