Letter Delegating a Task to an Employee

It is not possible for the employer to work alone. Delegating tasks is one of the successful strategies used in almost every organization to achieve its targets. It is considered best to increase the productivity of your employees by delegating work and responsibilities to them. When given the authority to work with their own choice, they work to the best of their capabilities to show the best results.

How do I delegate a task to an employee?

Make contact with the employee

Communication between the employee and the employer is very important when it comes to delegating the task. You should discuss with the employee what you want to be done and what your expectations are related to the end result.

The employee should also know the amount of time he has to accomplish the task. You should also encourage the employee to ask questions regarding delegated tasks.

Set standards for the task

There should be a standard against which you will measure the success of the accomplished task. These standards should be defined before you delegate the task. Once you have delegated the task, changing the standards is unfair and unprofessional. It should be kept in mind that the standards you set should be realistic and easy to achieve.

Set the objectives for the task to be delegated

The objectives for getting any task done should be described clearly. When you describe the objectives clearly, you reduce the possibility of the wrong execution of delegated work due to miscommunication. Sometimes, the objectives are very obvious and simple for the employee to understand. Sometimes it can get very complex.

Get feedback continuously

A delegated task can be successfully accomplished when there is a strong and friendly relationship between management and employees. Every concerned employer follows up with the employee to stay updated regarding work. This increases the effectiveness of the completion of the delegated task. This also helps the employer learn the strengths and weaknesses of the employee working on the delegated task.

Sample Letter

I am sure you are aware of the conference the company is going to host next Thursday. [Name] is hosting a delegation from the most distinctive and significant company [name of the company]. They have a big name in the business world. So, we want to keep everything in the best possible condition, and for that purpose, you are being assigned some tasks to be performed on time.

  1. Make all the potential customers prepare the best speeches to deliver at the conference.
  2. Be prepared to see a spike in profile views after the conference. Make sure that the company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media profiles are up-to-date with the sort of information that will link them with the fundamental influencers.
  3. Order new business cards as soon as possible to have them in abundance on the day of the conference.
  4. Prepare your tech and make sure you come equipped with chargers and the entire device accouterments we may need at the conference to plug in and stay tied up on social media.

If you have any queries regarding these tasks assigned, do not hesitate to ask. Please provide me with a progress report on Tuesday until 4:00 p.m. This project should be your priority until you have made all the provisions. I am sure that you won’t let me down in this concern.

Thank you!

Letter Delegating a task to an employee

Letter Sample