Dear Santa Letters

Christmas with Kids:

If there is something that can make your Christmas extraordinary, it is the time spent with your kids. They know how to make your day with just a smile or a sweet gesture. Christmas is that holy festival in which you can include your children into preparations and decorations. It is that time of the year where you sit together with your kids and help them write a Dear Santa letter. So, gather up your Christmas spirit and find the best Dear Santa letter templates!  

Dear Santa Letters; Which One Suits Your Kid?

Dear Santa letters are a great way to indulge your kids into Christmas preparations. You can find the readymade templates with varieties. There are following two common types of dear Santa letters that are:

  • A simple one with straight forward details:

This letter has the blanks to fill in the name and age. Other than this, your kid also needs to answer if they were good or naughty this year. Moving on, this letters ask for the good deeds your child has performed and the gifts they would like to receive this Christmas.

  • A letter with a picture:

This template is similar to the above letter, only difference is the option to draw a picture. This sounds likea fun activity since children are into drawing and coloring. Your child caneither choose to draw the gift he or she would like to see under the Christmas treeor a big heart for the Dear Santa.

  • You can even make your own! 

YES! You don’t necessarily have to use a readymade letter; you can also make your own with your kid. Take out the coloring pencils, crayons, markers, and glitter pens. Not only it would allow your child to be creative, but he can also learn from this experience. The steps are very easy and to the point. Keep the outlook of the samples in your mind and come up with something equally interesting. If your child is old enough, then make sure the space for writing wishes is sufficient otherwisekeep the blanks short, and give a wide portion to the picture.


No one can deny the fun element of Dear Santa letters. However, they can also be beneficial for the mental growth and abilities of children. There are following advantages of Dear Santa letters:

  • Improves the writing:

Dear Santa letters allow children to improve their writing quality and speed. No one would want to give a bad impression to the Santa by using crumpled and unaligned words.

  • Encourages children to behave well:

Children try to be at their best behavior so that they could get their desired gifts from the Santa.

  • Brings out their creative side:

Children enjoy filling in the Dear Santa letters. Not only they get to draw a picture, but they also think and strive to come up with better answers!

Final words:

To sum it up, Dear Santa letters are the backbone of Christmas rituals. You can either look for the readymade letters, or you can let your child design one himself. Happy Christmas!

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