Santa Wish List Letters

When the Christmas holiday’s season starts, everyone starts thinking about the gift they want to receive from the Santa. Kids are more excited about receiving gifts from Santa than adults.

The kids usually have a long list of items they want to get as a gift from Santa during the holiday season. They are encouraged to write a letter to Santa providing him the wish list of the things they want to get as a gift.

Santa wish list letter is a great tool to let him know about your wish list. This all activity is organized by adults who want to make the Christmas event extremely exciting for the kids. You may be thinking that writing the letter to Santa is an old approach. It is not true. As a matter of fact, writing a letter is one of the most common and popular traditions of the Christmas event.

The Santa wish list letter can also be written by the parents of the child as they can write better and communicate better with the Santa to let him know what their kid wants. Kids should be gifted something reasonable.

However, what sounds reasonable to use may be completely disliked by the kids. Unwrapping the gift and finding the thing which is not what a kid wanted breaks his heart and he feels so much disappointed.

Everyone waits for the Christmas event so anxiously to receive favorite gifts. Not getting a favorite gift ruins the excitement. Santa doesn’t want to break the heart of kids. Therefore, the Santa wish list letter was brought in.

The Santa wish list letter is not only for kids. The adults can also write this letter to Santa telling their likes, dislikes, hobbies and other details.

How to write the Santa wish list letter?

  1. The Santa wish list letter is an informal letter that does not restrict the sender to stick to the format. Any type of format can be used to write this letter. However, it should be kept in mind that the letter is easily understandable by the Santa and he gets to know clearly about your wishes.
  2. The name of kid, age, grade, address etc. are important details for Santa.
  3. At the end of the letter, you should thank the Santa in advance.
  4. The letter should not be too long which means keep the wish list short.
  5. You can also try to make the wish list with those things which are quite affordable and reasonable


Many people are just interested in writing a wish list. They don’t want to be formal and write a letter starting with salutation and greeting and ending with thanking words as they may not be too good at writing such things. For such people, downloading a printable and an easy-to-customize template for wish list letter is recommended to be downloaded. In this way, they can save themselves from the hassle of writing the letter and communicate with the Santa in a good way.

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