Warning Letters for Leaving the Assigned Work Area

Sample Letter -1

A warning letter becomes mandatory to be issued to an employee when things seem to be uncontrollable in its own way. Since we have tried all the other possible ways to bring you back on the track, but all went abortive. So, we decided to give you a final chance to prove your worth.

We have been receiving a lot of complaints against your careless attitude regarding your work site. It has been brought into the notice of authorities that you mostly reach late at the site-area assigned to you as a supervisor. If you will keep up with such a reckless attitude, how can we expect our workforces to be responsible & heedful for their work?

We never expected this level of insubordination &bnegligence from you especially, while assigning you task as a boss where you must supervise your underlings. We always believed in your capabilities & enthusiasm that is why the authorities have decided to give the last chance to mend your ways. In otherwise the company will be on right to take severe actions against you followed by termination of your post as a [POST] from that assigned area.

We hope that you will avail the ultimate fortuitous in the best possible way & won’t let us down one more time. Just give your best and try to prove that all our fears associated with you are baseless.

Warning letter for leaving the assigned work area

Sample Letter -2

Dear John, you have been working with us since last two years & during that span, you have stayed a very positive & hard-working member of our team. It is very difficult for me to write you a warning letter, but it has become necessary as the things are going in a very wrong direction.

We have observed that your interest level in your work has lessened to every possible extent. You are not vigilant anymore in meetings & submission of projects on appointed time. We recently promoted you in the list of supervisors but now it seems that the decision was not up to the mark.

We are sorry to inform you that due to the negligence you showed in your performance, the company has decided to demote you to your previous position for a span of two weeks as a chastisement. We could have made it permanent, but we want to work with you & consequently, you are provided with another chance to make an enthusiastic comeback by leaving behind whatever you are suffering from in your personal life.

Hopefully, you will benefit from the chance & start working the way you have ever done. In another case, the company can dismiss you from your post or quite possibly from your job as well since it is the integrity of our company that matters us the most.   

Yours Sincerely,