Complaint letter of rude customer service

Having issues with the poor behavior of service provider can be very frustrating. When a customer is willing to pay a good price, they expect to get a quality product and an outstanding customer service in return.
When you are contacting a company with the problem, it is better to be very clear about the issue and the fault with the product.

Companies have dedicated resources for customer service and they make efforts to solve the issues in no time. But if you have an issue with one of the employees, the situation gets worst.

Customers can complain over the phone or even email. If both of these modes do not work, the best is to send a complaint letter.

A complaint letter has its own importance as it goes into the record of the company and the company knows your complaint is genuine.

Be concise when writing the letter. Explain the problem. Include any product reference and the model number. Be reasonable and mention the solution you are looking forward to.

Writing an angry or threatening letter can bring a bad outcome. So, it is better to keep the tone of the letter polite.

Include any receipts, guarantees or the order document. Don’t forget to mention all your contact details including your name, address and phone number.

Sample letter

Dear Sir,

Today in the afternoon, I called your office to inquire regarding my monthly bill. The phone was answered by one of your customer service representatives. She was extremely rude and ill-mannered. Due to her annoying behavior, it got hard for me to put through my transaction. She even mentioned that she is not the relevant person to deal with such transactions. Not only that, she was not transferring my call to any other person who could have dealt with my issue.

If she is not given proper training on how to deal with the customers, I am sure your business will suffer. I am informing you as I do not want to speak to her again and might even stop doing business with you in the future if she does not change her attitude. Customers are the spine of any business and they deserve respect and kindness. I am sure you will take action on this.


Complaint letter of rude customer service