Complaint Letter of Poor Service of Telephone

The service industry is striving only because of the customer service it is providing these days. For this reason, it has become crucial for companies to allocate a dedicated department for customer service where customers can place their complaints with confidence.

Most of the service industries such as -telecommunications provide with a time slot during which they can process the complaint. Once a customer lodges a complaint, they issue a reference number and forward it to the relevant department.

Customers can place complaints via emails, calls or even letters. Some companies even have their own templates for complaints to keep the whole process standardized.

The benefit of a written complaint letter is that it can be retained as a record and can be used for future reference as well. After a reference number is issued against the complaint, it becomes easy to track the updates.

Sample Letter

Dear Team,

We have entered an era of technology and communication where telephone has taken the place of basic necessity in our life. I have been using this phone service for 5 years and I was very content with the quality. But I have never faced this problem before. My line is very bad, and I can hardly hear the person on the other side. This not only creates frustration for me, but it also disturbs the other person. Telephone is very important in this day and age. I expect calls from my family and friends frequently and not being able to speak to them properly breaks my heart.

Besides this, I use telephone for work purpose as well. I work from home and collect orders from my telephone. The bad line was one of the issues but recently, the line not working at all has further aggravated the matter. This poor service is reflecting badly on my personal as well as professional life. I have been coming personally to place a complaint and no action has been taken yet.

I am writing this letter as a matter of urgency and I would be very thankful if my complaint gets proceeded and my issue is resolved in no time. I expect better service in the future for the price that I pay. I am looking forward to hearing back from the respected authorities as soon as possible.


Complaint Letter of Poor Service of Telephone