Complaint Letter for Stale Food

When you are going out to a restaurant with your family or friends to eat out, it must be an enjoyable experience for you. However, sometimes we fail to make our experience enjoyable at a restaurant because of poor quality of food or many other factors. Whenever you confront the situation in which you are served stale food, you should be aware of your legal rights and take necessary action. It should be remembered that if you don’t speak up, the restaurants will keep serving spoiled food to other customers which can be even fatal for them.

What is a complaint letter for stale food?

When you have decided to let the manager or owner of the restaurant know that people coming to the restaurant are being served stale food, you should write a complaint letter. In this letter, you try to divert the attention of stakeholders of the restaurant towards those issues that are ruining the reputation of the restaurant.

Tips for writing the complaint letter for stale food:

When you are not happy with the careless behavior of the restaurant, you should be in the position to write a complaint letter that can have a huge impact on the entire staff of the restaurant. you can easily do it if you remember the tips given below:

  1. It is understood that you are very angry with the staff of the restaurant, you should be careful while writing the complaint letter. Remember that if you are angry and you express your anger instead of explaining it, you will not be able to convey the message to the restaurant management.
  2. When you write the complaint letter, make sure that you have evidence to support your complaint. This way, you will be able to help the restaurant’s administration in case it wants to inquire into the matter and needs your help. If you are referring to a particular incident, give details about that incident to the reader such as the date you visited the restaurant, the food you ordered, receipt number you received, etc. This will help the restaurant in figuring out who is responsible for this.
  3. Give information regarding the complaint. If you are complaining about the stale food, you should tell how you found out that the food was spoiled and what was the effect of that food on you.
  4. Tell the manager that you are expecting him to take necessary actions so that his honesty and sincerity with his job can be seen. Tell the manager that it is a serious issue just to make him understand how dangerous it is to serve someone stale food.

Sample Letter


Name of the restaurant manager:
Complete address of the restaurant:

Subject: complaint letter for stale food

Dear (use the second name with the salutation),

I am writing this letter to draw your attention to a major issue regarding the quality of food. I visited the restaurant with my family last Sunday to have dinner. I am disappointed to see the poor quality of food at your restaurant. The food that was served to me was spoilt. I came to know that because of the foul smell coming out of it.

You are running a well-reputed restaurant. I have been to this restaurant many times but this time I’ve experienced something really bad. I could not expect this kind of thing from a restaurant of high reputation.

I hope that you must be aware of the impact of spoilt food on the health of human beings. By not paying attention to the hygiene and quality of food, you are committing a big crime. As a restaurant manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that customers who trust you and the food you serve get high-quality food prepared with good hygiene.

I am hopeful that you will take some strict actions to deal with the issue I have raised. You should conduct a complete inquiry regarding this matter and necessary action should be taken so that it doesn’t happen again.

If you have any query in your mind regarding this incident, you can contact me on my phone number [X].


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Complaint Letter for Stale Food
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