Company Appointment Letter for Manager

Appointment Letter -an overview

The post of a manager in the company is very critical since the manager is responsible to perform lots of tasks which are crucial for a company and its working. Owing to this, there is a complete process consisting of a number of phases from which the company moves in an attempt to hire someone to work as a manager.

All the interested candidates who are eligible for the job are invited to appear for the interview. After the interview, the best candidate is shortlisted and chosen who is then sent the appointment letter. The appointment letter lets the selected candidate know that the company has selected him for the job of manager. The appointment letter also conveys lots of important details.

Importance of the appointment letter for the manager

It is of great pride for a person to have received the appointment letter. This letter is a kind of confirmation letter that confirms the job of the candidate. If a person is already somewhere, he will have to resign from that job before joining the new job. He will not take the risk of resigning from the previous job unless he receives an appointment letter. Even if the person has talked to his future employer over the phone, he must not take any final decision before getting the appointment letter.

An appointment letter allows the hiring company to communicate essential details to the person it is recruiting. The manager’s job is a bit critical and therefore, he should be told about his job responsibilities before he joins the company. The appointment letter lets the candidate get ready for the job and the responsibilities that come with it.

What is the format of the company appointment letter for the manager?

If you are a representative of the company and you have been tasked to write the appointment letter, you will be required to write the appointment letter in a way it is supposed to be written. If the appointment letter written on the behalf of the company is not written effectively, it will not make a good impression on the reader. Therefore, following the right format is extremely important.

The letter starts with the name of the candidate who has been appointed and his contact details. In the body of the letter, you need to add the following details:

  1. A statement informing the candidate about his appointment as a manager in the company. This part of the letter should give reference to the interview day when the candidate was interviewed regarding the post of manager. If the candidate has been interviewed in multiple places, this reference might help him in identification.
  2. The date from which the job of the candidate will be effective.
  3. Details regarding the job position such as salary of the candidate, information regarding the incentive, resigning terms and conditions, information regarding the probation period, etc. This part of the letter is not mandatory. Some employers do discuss these details with the newly selected candidate by organising a meeting with them or over the phone.
  4. Statements at the end of the letter with best wishes and hopes that boost the morale of the letter.

Sample Letter


Name of the recipient:

Complete address of the recipient

Subject: appointment letter for [NAME] as manager in [COMPANY]

Dear (use the second name with the salutation),

It is of great pleasure for me to inform you that after having your job application reviewed, I have decided to hire you for my company as a manager. After the interview on 5th Jan 20XX with ABC Company, you have been appointed by the company as a manager. Your job will be effective from 10th Feb 20XX. We have felt that you have the most suitable and extensive experience of working as a manager. Therefore, we are hopeful that you will prove yourself to be our best choice.

Please write us back with your signatures affixed on the copy of this letter as your acceptance of our job offer letter. We are looking forward to your kind reply.

Thank you.


Name of the company,
Sender’s name
Designation of the sender in the company
Signatures of the sender

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