Company Address Change Letter to Bank

It is not easy to change the address of the business that is successfully operating in a particular locality. However, at times we are compelled to change the address due to many reasons. When this happens, we are required to inform all the concerned people about it.

What is the change of address letter?

When you move your company to a new location, it is a basic requirement to let all the people know that you have shifted the company. This is important because if you don’t inform people, you might lose your customers. Although it is not possible for you to tell this everyone that you have moved your company, you should write to some institutions such as the bank because you interact with them daily and there is regular correspondence between you and the bank.

A company usually has many accounts in a bank. All the accounts usually share the same address. So, when the address of the company changes, the bank needs to update the record with the new address. Due to this, a change of address letter is important to be written.

How to write the change of address to the bank?

At times, writing to someone just because you want to inform them about something is a critical thing to do. If you don’t write it effectively, you actually ruin the situation. While writing this letter, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Inform the bank clearly:

Since the purpose of this letter is to inform the reader about the change of address, you should do it as soon as you start the letter. Inform the reader in clear words.

For clarity, mention the name of the company you are referring to. After that, talk about the change of address. For this purpose, mention the old address of the company so that the bank can confirm it. After that, mention the new address you want to update the record with.

  • Mention the effective date:

If you have not started to move or your movement is underway, you can write the bank in advance so that you don’t have to face any kind of deference from the bank. In that situation, you should be a little quick and write the letter to the bank telling the date from which, the new address should be given the official consideration.

  • Close the letter gracefully:

Although the bank knows why you are writing the change of address letter, you should make a formal request to the bank to replace the old address with the new one. At the end of the letter, show your gratitude and then close the letter with your signatures.

Tips for writing:

  1. Since you are writing to the bank, make sure that your tone is appropriate and goes well with the kind of the letter. For this, write in a requesting way not in a commanding tone.
  2. Provide all the relevant information to the bank that will help it in changing the address.
  3. The letter should be brief and it should circulate around the main point you are writing this letter for.

Sample Letter


Name of the bank:
Complete address of the bank including the branch name etc.

Subject: company address change effective from [DATE]

To whom it may concern,

We are writing you to inform that our company (mention the name of the company) has moved to a new location due to some reasons. Owing to this, we are writing to intimate that the address of the company has changed. This change of address should be considered with effect from 10th Feb, 20XX.

We hereby, request you to update the address of the company in our records in the bank. Please replace the old address of the company which is (give the old address) with the new address which is (mention the new address).

I would be very thankful to you if you change the address of the company at your earliest convenience so that I can resume the communication with the bank smoothly.

Thank you.


Name of the company,
Sender’s name
Designation of the sender in the company
Signatures of the sender

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