Cleaning Work Orders

If you own a cleaning service and want it to prosper, everything must be organized properly. If you miss any client’s appointment they will be annoyed. It can be tough managing all appointments if you do not arrange the orders carefully.

You need to have a procedure in place that will let you save all cleaning orders. In this way, you will know which ones need to be done and when. You can make a document to do this and enhance the efficiency of your services. A cleaning work order template can be used here.

What are cleaning work orders?

This is a document that will outline any authorized or approved work so that the business can know what needs to be done. The document will be able to be employed to handle a certain project.

What do cleaning work orders do?

When you make a document that records the cleaning work orders that clients have booked, it will be more possible for you to remember these. The document will let you save the details of cleaning work orders like the name of the client, when they require the service, where they are located, what services they need, etc. In this way, the document will let you book orders and deliver services more effectively.

Cleaning work order template

Work Order File: 98 Kb

How to create a cleaning work order?

To make a proper document that records cleaning work orders for your company, you can consider the following points:

Style of document:

The document should have a proper and formal style so that it looks professional as you will be using it for your company. It should have a heading like “Cleaning Work Orders”. You can include an image on it related to cleaning so that the document looks good. You may even print it in color.

Information to include:

When making the document make sure it is simple to fill in and read by those who need to use it. You should have a place that includes the name of the client. The date that they require cleaning services and the time that they need these should be added. Add the phone number of the client in case you need to contact them. The address of the client should be present.

 You can include a space that states the size of the home that needs to be cleaned. If cleaning supplies need to be taken along, this should be stated. You can have a space that states whether the client needs additional services and states what these services are briefly. You can include the cost of the services as well.

Necessary details only:

The document must be precise and short and only include the details that are needed. This will make it be easy to fill in the document when the client is contacting you and ordering the cleaning services. Or the client can fill in the document by themselves allowing it to be easier to order services from your company. You can print out the document with the headings so that it can easily be filled in when needed. If extra information is added, the document will not look professional.

Importance of cleaning work orders

A cleaning company needs to make sure all operations are done effectively because if you miss any work order, the client will not be satisfied and may not want to work with your company in the future. Therefore it is important to have a proper procedure in place that can manage the different cleaning work orders that your company has.

The document will help you organize your services in a better way. You will know when you are fully booked and when to schedule cleaning services for clients so that they can receive these in time. The details about the cleaning work that needs to be done will be stated clearly allowing you to know what supplies need to be taken, which workers to send, how long the task will be for, etc.

In this way, clients will also see that your company is operating properly and according to schedule letting them be more encouraged to get services from you in the future. Therefore you will be able to better manage the operations of your company allowing it to prosper. You will also know whether you need to get more supplies and hire more workers if needed.

Cleaning Work Orders
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