Circular to Employees to Wear ID Cards

Circular to Employees to Wear ID Cards is a document issued to address employees to maintain the decorum of the workplace by wearing ID cards. An ID card worn by an employee is a small display-card that gives information about the employee who has worn it. The information is useful for any visitor at the workplace to find who is around him and locate the special one he wants to have a business.

Sample -1

The company (name of the company) has a very good reputation when it comes to having strict rules. It is necessary for the employees to follow all the rules and regulations. No one is exempt from following any rule unless he or she specifies a logical excuse that too would be looked at by the HR committee.

It has been observed by the Supervisor Mr. (name of the supervisor) that many of the fresh recruits do not follow company rules and policies. Many recruits have been seen wandering in the office without wearing an ID card. All the recruits, upon their recruitment, were given a pamphlet stating the complete rules and regulations of the company. It was also made clear that they will have to abide by the guidelines if they wish to work for the company.

Mr. (Name of the supervisor) has also mentioned that he has given multiple warnings to the recruits, but they tend to ignore these warnings repeatedly. Therefore, this circular is to strictly warn all the recruits that are not following the rules. The company has a no-compromise policy for rules. All the employees would be fined (enter the amount of money) if found without wearing an ID card. This rule implements from (mention the date).

Moreover, if any employee has either misplaced or lost his ID card, he or she should visit the HR department and register the report of missing ID card. You would be given a temporary ID card to wear daily until you receive your permanent ID card from the company.

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Sample -2

The company (name of the company) strives to create a friendly environment for all the working staff members. This is the reason that the company’s administration is always up for solving any issue faced by any of our employees. However, in order to retain this environment, the company would require an equal effort by the employees. This cooperation of the staff members with the administration of the company would help us in providing you with the best environment so you can work peacefully and show your potential.

It has been recently observed by the company’s administration that many employees do not wear their ID cards regularly although the company has earlier issued a notification stating that it is compulsory for every employee to wear the identity badges provided by the company. The company is therefore forced to implement a fine on any person who is seen without an ID from (date or month) onwards.

Moreover, after (mention time/ month) a spot visit would be performed by the manager at any day of the month and anyone found with missing ID card would have to face a necessary disciplinary action by the administration.

We expect you to comply with the rule strictly and wear your ID cards during office hours to strengthen the professional environment. If anyone has lost the badge, please visit the office of Mr. (name of the employee). Mr. (name of the employee) would assist you in getting a new ID card for yourself. Have a great weekend.

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