Rent Freeze Request Letter

What is rent freeze?

Rent freeze means no transaction of rent amount between the tenant and the landlord for a particular period. The process of rent freeze is useful for tenants who are not able to pay the rent due to a crisis. However, the landlord faces problems with this.

What is the request letter written for rent freeze?

The tenant writes the request letter to the landlord asking him to freeze the rent for a specific time period. The tenant is compelled to write this letter because he is not able to pay the rent because of some financial crisis he is going through.

When to write the request letter for rent freeze?

When you are not able to pay the rent, you can promise the landlord to pay it later. The landlord is likely to accept the request because freezing rent does not mean that you will never pay the rent. Rather, it only delays the rent payment. The process of rent freeze usually works for residential buildings. In many countries, the governments also pass the law of rent freeze. In this situation, the landlords are bound to accept the request

Tips for writing the rent freeze request letter:

  • Write it in simple words:

When you are requesting the landlord for freezing the rent, you need to stay direct and straightforward. There is no need to beat around the bush. This will make it easy for the landlord to understand what you are trying to say.

  • Tell the duration of rent freeze:

It is important to tell the landlord that for how much duration, the rent freeze will be valid. For the point in the case, if you have lost your job and you are likely to join the job again after two months, you can ask the landlord to freeze the rent for two months.

  • Give reason

While writing this request letter, you are required to tell the landlord that what reasons have compelled to request for the rent freeze. Your reasons might convince the landlord to accept your request.

Sample -1

Rent freeze for a new contract


P-55, Street no. 13
Near old Mc Growth tower, Michigan State, USA.

Subject: Request for a rent freeze

Dear Luke,

Last week, I received your letter about an increase in the existing rent by 10 percent. I visited you yesterday, but I came to know that you are out of the country for some days. I know it is one of the rights of the owner to increase house rent by 10 percent as per government policy. You may remember the time in 2015 when I opted for residence in your home as a tenant. That was the time when I started my own business. Since then, I took great care of your home thought my own one and I have a lot of memories attached to it. In fact, your decision made me unhappy really.

The present year 2020 took a great downfall to all types of businesses. I was making good profits out of my business and I always paid the rent on time and never provided you any chance to complain. As far as this year is concerned, I am facing a serious financial crisis. I did every possible thing to stabilize my business once again, but it was all in vain. I had to sell my major household to overcome the loss in business. Doing so, my income was reduced and I am not able to bear this increase in house rent proposed by you. Therefore, I request you to freeze the house rent for this year. This will be a great favor from your side, and I promise that I will increase the rent myself once my business gets stable.

Please inform me how did you take my request.

Yours sincerely,



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Sample -2

Freeze the rent for the new contract due to pandemic


P-76, Street no. 15
Near old Mc Gregory tower, Michigan State, USA.

Subject: Request for a rent freeze

Dear John,

I am Anderson and I am running my own business in one of your shops on rent. As per the agreement, our contract is ending next Sunday but I want to prolong my stay for two more years. Yesterday, I received a letter from you about the increase in rent in case I wanted to extend the contract for the next year. I was expecting that you would not increase the rent while renewing the contract though it is in accordance with the existing government policy.

No doubt, I was getting good profits from my business, but the current year has proved itself fatal for many business owners like me. The outbreak of Coronavirus has prompted the government to impose lockdown throughout the country. Consequently, all shops in the city have closed and the customers nowadays are preferring online shopping rather than going outside for the same purpose. Closure of my business and shop has resulted in a disastrous decrease in my income. It is almost impossible for me to comply with your proposal for the rent increase.

I hereby request you to freeze my rent instead of increasing. I know it is your full right to increase the rent amount every year, but the current situation has rendered me helpless and I cannot afford this much increase in length. Please think about your decision again. I shall be very thankful to you for this greatness.

Please inform me about your decision over this matter.

Yours truly,



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