Circular to Employees on the Use of ID Cards

Everyone in the company needs id-card because it serves the purpose of instant identification. Companies also use the id-cards to restrict the people to enter who are not allowed to. It should be kept in mind that the id-cards are not used just for the identification or for the protection of the staff members. Rather, they are used to make sure that the sensitive information of the company remains protected. Some companies have also started using the id-cards for attendance purposes.

What is circular on the use of id-cards?

The policy of using the id-cards is implemented in almost every organization. However, some employees don’t take it seriously. The company can let off the employees who don’t use id-cards occasionally. However, when employees make it a habit, then the company should remind them again by sending a circular to them.

The circular is a type of message that is conveyed to every employee of the company. The circular revolves in the company in such a way that every employee reads it. to ensure that every employee has gone through the circular, names of employees are mentioned in front of which they have to affix their signatures.

What does a circular include?

An employer writes the circular to let the employees know how important it is for them to wear the id-card. Here are the details that are added to the circular written on the use of the id-card.

  • Subject

Every circular written for staff includes the subject on which the circular is going to communicate with the staff members. The subject tells everyone what the circular is about.

  • Details

Give the details about the circular. Tell the staff that they must wear id-card or keep it with them. Also, mention the date from which the staff will have to wear the id-card. Mention the date of issuing the circular and the penalty for all those people who don’t follow the rules.

  • Signatures

The owner of the company needs to sign at the end to indicate that the circular has been published by official sources.

Circular -1

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you will be doing well these days. You know that a workplace is always associated with some rules and regulations. These are to be followed by all means. Cooperation of both, management and employees make any workplace environment friendly. During my surprise visit on 10-04-20XX, I found a discrepancy between my expectations and your acts. I noticed that most of the employees were not wearing the company issued ID card. Although some of you were wearing their proportion was minute. This is a clear-cut violation of our rules and regulations.  

In our last meeting, you all were directed to wear the company ID card in order to make it easy for the security guards to recognize you all. Also, we have fully equipped cafeteria, in-house gym, car parking and other amenities that are solely meant for our employees. So, how would we get to know whether the person inside our four walls is our employee or not?

You all, through this circular, are bound to wear your ID cards issued by the company during working hours. Anybody, found without it, will be liable to severe penalty.

Yours sincerely,



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Circular -2

Dear Employees,

I hope you all will be enjoying your days working here in the office. I wish all of you a happy weekend. We strive hard to create a friendly and relaxed working environment for our employees. Yesterday, I received a letter from the manager, and I was happy to know that all office routines were being followed as per instructions delivered to all of you. At the same time, I was a bit disappointed after knowing that some of you were not wearing your office ID cards despite being given many warnings.

We know that nobody wants to carry the ID card with him or her all the time. We only want you to carry it during working hours. It helps you look professional and decent as well. By carrying it, you will be able to maintain your individual identity in the office.

You all are hereby informed through this circular that you must be wearing the company issued ID card during your stay in the office. A surprise visit from the CEO is also expected next week. If any employee will be found not carrying his/her ID card, strict disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

I am sure you will comply with the instruction.

Yours sincerely,


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