Chief Accountant Resume Template

Chief accountants are also known as senior financial accountants and are the most demanded professionals in the field of finance. Although these professionals have a lot of things to express in the resume however, it is the desire of every recruiter to know about the person through his resume written in the simplest format. So, if you want the recruiter to completely focus on what you have achieved in your career so far, keep your resume precise and to the point.

It is obvious that all the activities of accounting are usually handled by chief accountants working in any firm. They are required to have a specific type of knowledge to work as an expert accountant. The resume should be written in such a way that it has no error in it. Make sure that you have included the complete set of requirements that your firm wants you to have. No matter what you include in the resume, make sure that it reflects the truth about you. Here you can find a sample resume for a certified public accountant.

Sample Resume


Expert in finance and accounting with the experience of more than 10 years. Completely experienced in developing the short and long term budgets for the firm and can contribute passionately about the development of the firm. Aimed at increasing productivity and compliance. Actively works in various account related departments of the firm to manage the procedures of accounting and finance.

Detail-oriented focused and organized professional with extensive experience of 10 years in accounting and finance. Solid problem-solving skills and excellent written and verbal skills. Expert in various accounting software’s. Very efficient and able to work equally well in an independent situation or within a team.


My objectives are:

  • To develop high-quality corporate skills for carrying out different accounting procedures
  • To design expense reports for the firm
  • To polish my skills so that I can work as a professional chief accountant in any corporate
  • To fulfill all those job responsibilities that I have been assigned

Work experience:

I have worked as chief accountant in ABC corporation from March 2012 to date

My key roles in this job are/were

  • Responding the all the inquiries received from the federal agencies of the company
  • Training the new accounting and assessing their performance before awarding annual appraisals
  • Calculating the tax that the company must pay in the given amount of time and preparing the tax statement to be presented before the federal agencies
  • Conducting the internal checks so that the discrepancies in the auditing can be removed
  • Preparing the annual tax statements as well as filed tax statements.
  • Developing and implementing the scheduling in the company

Technical skills:

  • Can prepare best financial policies of the firm
  • Able to perform budgeting and all financial operations
  • Oversee the cash flow of the company and can also devise some ways to forecast cash flow

Core competencies:

  • A detail-oriented individual
  • Excellent abilities of communication
  • An active problem analyzer and solver
  • Proficient in the use of MS Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word, MS Access and, data manipulation
  • Complete knowledge of GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles
  • Strong knowledge of accounting and auditing


Reference will be furnished on request

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Chief Accountant Resume Template
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